Bravo Bob Cesca!

His latest HuffPo spot friggin on:

But it’s not just Bush administration officials they’re defending here. Extrapolating what the torture superfans are suggesting, they appear to believe that in light of the threat of terrorism, any administration should be able to torture, including the current president. In other words: they’re simultaneously accusing President Obama of being an oppressive and tyrannical “fascist,” while also insisting that he should exercise the power to do whatever he wants in order to prevent another terrorist attack. Put yet another way: unchecked government power is awful, unless Sean Hannity is scared. Then it’s excellent. Put a third way: WTF? If we can’t keep our moral authority in tact, how is torturing ok on any level? Jesus-effn-Christ, its not rocket science folks.

Also, the fact that the torture methods were used in order to obtain false information to cover-their-smarmy-asses about attacking Iraq..that really chaps my ass. Bob says it best:

The reality is that the Bush torture methods were both horrifying and ineffective. The procedures we’ve read about in the OLC memos were clearly forms of torture as have been previously defined by America’s own standards (you might recognize waterboarding from such famous torturers as the Khmer Rouge, Imperial Japan and North Korea), and by most accounts they’re absolutely ineffective at acquiring decent information. And in fact, as McClatchy reported on Tuesday, the Bush administration used these torture techniques to gather intentionally false information about a link between Iraq and al-Qaeda.

Such fuckery as this deserves to be put on the whole world can point at the offenders and get indignant as hell..after all, we still have the audacity to complain about China’s human rights abuses….don’t we??

Oh, and the Faux idiots fall into this category..30 seconds of their horseshit below:

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