Federal Judge orders doc’s to be unsealed.

This should jack the jaws of a few folks, both in and out of government. From the Jurist link:

Chief judge for the US District Court for the District of Columbia Royce Lamberth found Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) committed fraud in its efforts to keep documents related to eavesdropping charges a secret. The judge ruled that the CIA must unseal more than 200 documents relating to the case. Lamberth is also considering charges against 6 other CIA members, including former CIA director George Tenet. The judge wrote:

Although this case has been sealed since its inception to protect sensitive information, it is clear from reading the Court of Appeals 2007 public opinion in this case and seeing the unclassified appendix that was filed on appeal that many of the issues are unclassified. The government acknowledged that indeed, the case could be unsealed, and that much of the information is unclassified. Accordingly, the Court ordered the government to file with the Court unclassified versions of every document in the case.

The lawsuit began in 1994, after former Drug Enforcement Agency agent Richard Horn felt that his was he being spied on by his superiors in Myanmar. Until recently, the CIA had requested the documents remain sealed in order to protect the agents in the field

You go Judge Lamberth! I hope Tenet gets heartburn worrying about this.

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  1. I'm sorry, but every time I know see the word 'doc,' I can't help but think of Chimpy's riff about good docs leavin' and not being able to practice their love with women.

  2. lol..omg, I remember that one Randal..its a goodie too..don't ya miss that kinda shit from the ole Chimpster? 😉

  3. All the way back to 1994!!  Man, they must have truckloads of stuff!

  4. I think the CIA needs to be disbanded.
    It's become a shadow government with lawlessness at its base.
    Replace it with a bunch of menopausal women and Navy Seals, and polygraph them weekly.

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