Harriet rats out Rove?

Oh my…this is juicy. From McClatchy:

Karl Rove and other top officials in the George W. Bush White House were deeply involved in pushing for the ouster of several U.S. attorneys, notably including one in New Mexico, according to testimony and e-mails that the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee released Tuesday.

Sworn testimony from former White House Counsel Harriet Miers revealed that Rove considered former U.S. Attorney David Iglesias of New Mexico a “serious problem” and “wanted something done about it” because of complaints about politically sensitive investigations that Iglesias had mounted. Miers said that she couldn’t recall whether Rove specifically demanded Iglesias’ firing during a 2006 conversation, but Iglesias was fired later that year.

Harriet’s statements directly contradict Rover’s. Again from McClatchy:

In sworn closed-door testimony to the House Judiciary Committee in July, Rove continued to distance himself from the decision to push out certain prosecutors. He recalled a proposal to fire some or all of them in late 2004, but denied that he’d come up with a plan to have it done and rejected the suggestion that he had a direct role.

“My view was this is a decision that had to be made at the Justice Department,” Rove said, according to a transcript of his sworn testimony.

Rover is so full of shit, his eyes better be brown. We can now read the transcript of Rover’s sworn testimony with the House Judiciary Committee here and here(pdf). You can also read the emails frm the White House and the RNC about firing the USA’s at the McClatchy link at the top of this post.

I will be reading the transcripts and emails for the next couple of days..whilst my friggin tv is being shipped to Chino for a replacement tv.

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  1. i wouldn't believe anything that comes out of the mouths of anyone in the chimpy administration, especially rove.  i can't wait for them all to start stabbing each other in the back.

  2. Alas, Harriet Miers has as much credibility as the rest of those Bush buddies.
    Plus President Kumbaya Obama is disinclined to feed any of the Bush crooks to the wolves.
    We voted for change and I thought that included justice. Hahaha joke's on me. >:o

  3. My favorite part about all this shit is that over the next few decades, so much factual crap is going to come out proving that Unka Dick and his puppet, Chimpy, were far worse than Nixon's and Reagan's crews, but that we won't listen and someone even more vile will be elected/appointed pretzeldent. I love this country.

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