Remote Area Medical not so remote this week.

Remote Area Medical. These people are saints and angels. They are used to servicing third world countries.

Except this week, they served Los Angeles. You know..SoCal, the land of starlets and movie moguls.

By the time they leave Tuesday, they will have provided roughly $2 million dollars of free treatment to over 10,000 people.

Read that line again. It’s sickening to me because so many more thousands will have been turned away. These were by and large the working poor, some even had medical insurance but had outrageous deductions or their insurance didn’t cover things like dentists and glasses. From The Independant UK via TruthOut:

In the week that Britain’s National Health Service was held aloft by Republicans as an “evil and Orwellian” example of everything that is wrong with free healthcare, these extraordinary scenes in Inglewood, California yesterday provided a sobering reminder of exactly why President Barack Obama is trying to reform the US system.

The LA Forum, the arena that once hosted sell-out Madonna concerts, has been transformed – for eight days only – into a vast field hospital. In America, the offer of free healthcare is so rare, that news of the magical medical kingdom spread rapidly and long lines of prospective patients snaked around the venue for the chance of getting everyday treatments that many British people take for granted.

In the first two days, more than 1,500 men, women and children received free treatments worth $503,000 (£304,000). Thirty dentists pulled 471 teeth; 320 people were given standard issue spectacles; 80 had mammograms; dozens more had acupuncture, or saw kidney specialists.

In one of the richest cities in our nation, 10,000 people will be given basic medical, dental or vision care that they would otherwise do without. As Dana Gould says in the video below..WTF??

The video below starts out with a nasty townhall meeting and outside protesters. Lots of folks with health insurance who don’t give a shit about those without insurance. Lots of folks tossing around the words Hitler and Nazi to describe our President that is trying to fix one of the biggest problems to face any administration in the last few decades.

As a native Californian, I am embarrassed and ashamed that R.A.M. had to stop in L.A. It makes me angry that many people on the right can not see the forest for the fucking trees.

It’s a good video..part of Bill Maher’s show this week. Check it out and then see if you can keep your blood pressure down after seeing the fucking idiots bitching about reforming healthcare…then the folks who are grateful that they got to have a little free healthcare to make their lives more tolerable. Thanks to Crooks and Liars for the video which can be viewed here on my video page.

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  1. Quite simply people who have not yet had a disasterous health crisis in their families just don't give a damn like you wrote. The bad thing is that marching morons who are shaking in their boots over words like socialism and the idea that “death panels” will send grandma to an early grave are only cutting their own throats in the end.

  2. i think the rethugs, whenever they're in power, make sure that the schools suck more and more so that people will be even more ignorant and incapable of logical thought so that they'll believe the shit the rethugs are slinging by the shovelful. seriously, when did people get so fucking dumb?  *DONT_KNOW*

  3. Nonnie, you may be right (well, yes, let's face it, you are), but the Goppers couldnt continue to make things shittier if the spineless, craven Democrats didnt make it so damn easy for them.  Now it's looking like we're about to get tossed under the bus… again.  Health-care co-ops? Will these be covering the homeless, I wonder, or the unemployed? Or does it just provide an alternative for those who can afford insurance in the first place?  Who knows, but what it really says is that the bullies in the insurance companies who astro-turfed the “discussion” on health-care have won.  Proof? I just got word today that my insurance premiums will be going up 14% in October.  You think that would be happening if they thought that they would be facing gov't competition any time soon? Or that such an increase now might change the outcome of the debate?

  4. Gee, it's too bad America is so poor that they have to resort to – oops.

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