Toyota and GM to abandon Fremont CA plant.

See all those happy faces in the photo above? They will all be unemployed sooner than later. From the BBC:

The world’s largest carmaker will stop production at the Fremont, California-based New United Motor Manufacturing plant in March 2010.

GM announced earlier this year that it would withdraw from the venture.

Toyota said: “Over the mid to long-term, it just would not be economically viable to continue production.”

The firm will move production to its other plants in the US and in Japan.

There are also reports circulating that Toyota is closing down a plant in Europe as well as one in Japan for at least a year.

The recession might be shrinking according to Obama and his go-to guy Bernanke, but you couldn’t tell it by looking at Toyota or Nissan’s plans they are making for plant closings this year and in 2010 and 2011.

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  1. I read that Toyota is moving some of those jobs to the plant here in San Antonio.
    I guess they figure Texas is a union busting, chicken shit state that favors business over employees any day.
    I take no pleasure in knowing new jobs for Texans means more Californians will be out of work.
    I guess your governor is no match for Rick the Dick Perry in terms of screwing workers.

  2. You've got to look pretty hard to find someone who can screw ordinary folks like Rick Perry.  Unless you look in Washington (though that seems like cheating).

    As for the economy being better, I'm sure it is for the top one-percenters, and that's all that really matters, isnt it? The rest of us are just tools for their betterment, and who cares what tools think?

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