Katrina-lest we forget..

The fourth anniversary of Katrina making landfall was today, Saturday. The horror stories are still fresh in my mind, and most likely will visit me during the night when I sleep tonight.

The gulf coast still has not recovered. The people of the gulf coast still have not recovered.

The Big O says he will go to NOLA sometime this year. He marked the anniversary by talking briefly about the horror of Katrina on his weekly address. He mentioned how his administration is trying to retool the programs that were designed to help the survivors of Katrina. Eleven members of his administration have gone to the region.

He then changed the subject and talked about the H1N1 flu virus.

Lest we forget, the toll on human life following Katrina’s landfall was:

1,836 confirmed deaths, Between 135 and 705 never found and presumed dead depending on which report you read/believe.

The vast majority of the missing and presumed dead are African-American.

We should never forget the ravages of the gulf coast and what it did to the people of the region after Katrina hit land. We can never let it happen again folks..no matter what it takes..we can never let any part of our citizenry go through what the folks of NOLA experienced with regard to our government’s actions and handling of the crisis.

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I am a..brown Cali bitch that is quite the opinionated,political, pain-in-the-ass, in your face kinda girl that also loves baseball and music to a fault. Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.--Albert Einstein-*

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  1. I'll never forget Mother's Day of 2008, a year after our mother passed away, when my siblings and I rented a van and drove to New Orleans to spend a little money revitalizing their economy. We stayed at the Quarter and spared no expense on gambling, drinking, dining and shopping.
    We had a lovely time, so the morning we were set to return home to Texas, I suggested we travel to the Lower Ninth Ward to see Brad Pitt's Make It Right project underway, and write them a hefty check to help build badly needed homes for Katrina survivors.
    I was tasked with driving the van, and on a one way street in the Lower 8th Ward, I looked in my rear view mirror, signaled to get into the left lane and BOOM. a pickup truck with seven people inside appeared out of nowhere and we sideswiped.
    The family in the pick-up were on their way to church, and the driver himself was a Deacon in that church. They seemed very nice as we all stood around while the police did their thing.
    Everyone in both vehicles was fine, thank God, but the van's wheel was fucked up so we had to be towed to Avis to rent another one. Their pick-up got a long scratch down the passenger side, but the doors worked and it was otherwise fine.
    Fast forward to today, where every one of the seven lying sons of bitches in the pick-up truck are suing me for gross bodily injuries, for $25,000 each.
    When victims victimize others, it's very difficult to maintain sympathy and concern for those who bring such shame and dishonor to their community.
    My insurance company attorney told me claiming injuries in fake or minor collisions is a cottage industry in NOLA.
    When a minor scratch might end up costing my insurance company more than $100,000, sorry, but New Orleans to me represents scam artists who fuck up well meaning peoples' attempts to help their communities. I will never, ever, ever return to New Orleans.
    I'm sorry they were hit hard by Katrina, but I'm also sorry my family and I were hit by some of their shitty victims.
    The Lee family, especially the so-called Deacon, can kiss my ass.

  2. It bothers me that you are willing to judge the entire population on one instance Karen. I get why you are pissed and I would be too, but the shit that happened to you happens everywhere and it's a cottage industry anywhere there is a city or town of decent size.

    Happened to me a couple of years ago in Ocean Beach,CA, a white chick said she was ok and three days later filed a claim with my insurance company. Keep in mind she hit ME, not the other way around. There wasn't any damage to her car or my car, but she was injured..yeah right bitch.

  3. Hurricane Andrew hit South Dade in August 1992. Homestead was fucked up for many many years. It was not till close to 10 years later, when the fake real estate market was hot.

    What happened was when the hurricane hit – a lot of people who had money just left. Why rebuild in Homestead when it will take a year or more for your house to be rebuilt – when there are homes ready to go right now someplace else? So when the dust settled, many lots were vacant and there was nobody who wanted to move in.

    Once the Miami real easte market got ultra super hot – developments started to pop up left and right. But the homes were oversold and overpriced. Investment houses. So when the market went to shit – many places in the south went into foreclosure. So now Homestead is in decline again.

    NOLA is fucked. It may never bounce back.

  4. I'm certainly not judging the whole population, or I didn't mean to sound that way.
    I'm just saying NOLA was ruined for me and my family because of the actions of a few dishonest grifters.
    If NOLA is fucked, as Lazy Iguana said, it's fucked at least partially because it's unsafe to drive there, their justice systems favors plaintiffs because plantiff attorneys give freely to the bench, and phony lawsuits–which usually are won by dishonest lawyers representing dishonest clients, are usually ruled in their favor.
    The lawyer who represented these phonies has a practice solely devoted to suing GEICO insurance carriers. He is so well known to GEICO, they call him by his first name and said they have at least seven cases pending on any given week.
    If the justice system is crooked and everyone knows it, it's a risk to venture into any city where criminals are legally protected, and even encouraged to prey on visitors.
    If I were to ever visit NOLA again, which I seriously doubt, I'd fly, take a taxi to the Quarter and never leave the area until I taxied back to the airport.
    I've been a crime victim before, but I've never had the justice system assist the perpetrators in getting away with it. That's the distinction.

  5. Andrew did do a lot of damage, thankfully no where near as many deaths as Katrina. As long as politics plays an important role in rebuilding NOLA, you are probably right Lazy. But I hope you aren't m'dear friend. 😦

  6. The justice system IS fucked up in NOLA Karen, and I want to thank you for clarifying your comment. Graft and all that sickening shit is still strong in NOLA and that is totally part of the problem, a major part of it. Sadly, it's been that way for over 50 years there. Crooked politicians and crooked justice system keep the area downtrodden.

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