Nutter punches 65 year old healthcare reform supporter.

If this doesn’t tell you what ignorant bags of batshit are on the anti-healthcare reform bandwagon…I don’t know what the hell will. From the RawStory link:

A 65-year-old man cheering healthcare reform in Miami was punched in the face and knocked to the ground by an opponent of a public health plan, according to a reporter at the scene. The rally took place outside a Great Miami Chamber of Commerce event where Florida Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL – below right) was speaking.

“Luis Perrero of Coral Gables was standing among about 40 Democratic activists and union workers when a man in a Ford pick-up truck pulled up to the rally at Jungle Island and began arguing with the crowd,” the Herald’s Tolouse Oloronippa blogged Wednesday. “The man, who only gave his first name as Raul, said Perrero called him a Spanish curse word. He punched Perrero in the face. Perrero fell to the ground and lay motionless for a few minutes.” Punching out an old man for crying out loud? Way to go, you worthless asshole!

The extreme nutters are coming out of the woodwork over the healthcare debate. We can blame Chuck the fuck Grassley and just about every other Rethug or Blue Dog for this violent bullshit.

They are feeding it, and the ‘rightwing terrorists’ are doing their part evidently. The 65 yo victim had this to say:

“I’m amazed the way this has become such a politicized issue,” Perrero said, while still sitting on the ground but sitting up. “It shows that people who are against the public option will resort to anything, including battery on a senior citizen to prevent healthcare reform.”

Sadly, I am not amazed. I expect it to get much worse. The Big O however will speak to the idiots in Congress Sept 9th. Can’t wait for this newest bullshit session. What do you want to bet he drops the Public Option? Any takers on that bet?

WAIT!!!! There is more. From C&L this video of the nutters shouting down a woman in a wheelchair at another townhall. Disgusting morons really take the cake.

Can there be any room for a centrist at a health care reform town hall meeting

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  1. i'm waiting for the wingnuts to say that no punches would have been thrown had everyone in the crowd been armed.  just another attempt to intimidate people so that they won't show up at town hall meetings. 

    by the way, i read that bill nelson is encouraging an incremental approach to health care reform.  this is what i emailed him:

    I read what you had to say about changing health care incrementally.  I will tell the ever-increasing number of people I know who cannot afford health care to try to die incrementally. 

    We won't have health care for all, only because you and your fellow Blue Dog buddies are more concerned with keeping your seats in Congress than with the public good.  I think that thinking will backfire, as the people voted for change, not more of the same.

    The insurance companies do NOTHING except clog the system and put money into the pockets of their stockholders and CEOs.  Any reform that does not include a public option, which i prefer to call a public safety net, does nothing but give those greedy individuals even more money.  Instead of being rewarded, they should be charged with murder for denying people care.  Instead of allowing them a seat at the negotiating table, they should be prosecuted under RICO laws. 

    I've been a Democrat all my life.  I always vote.  I've given money to Democrats and worked to get Democrats elected.  If the public option is taken off the table, I will assume that Democrats no longer give a damn about the well-being of their constituents and care only for their corporate donors.

  2. Ah yes, my home town! The boat club I like to hang out at is right by Jungle Island AKA Parrot Jungle. I was not at the event, as I did not know about it. And even if I did know about it I would have probably avoided it. Instead, I would have been at the Miami Yacht Club where there is a bar. And fewer nuts.

    The guy who hit the man was arrested for assault on an individual age 65 or older by the way. Others at the event prevented him from leaving till the cops got there and arrested him.

  3. i was wondering if the guy had gotten arrested.  glad to hear that he was.  i'm up in lauderdale, iguana, and i wouldn't drive to miami to see bill nelson.  not sure if i would venture out if he was holding a meeting around here either.  he's worthless, as far as i'm concerned.  i can't believe what's happened to democrats in floriduhhhh.  once the land of claude pepper and bob graham, we'll probably soon have that piece of shit, bill mccollum as governor.  i hate that son of a bitch.  >:o  

  4. Nor have I been amazed Dusty and to me this is another example of the awesome power the right has that we don't to control the sheeple's minds with their whore media. This is why the internets are so important if we are ever going to win anything.

    BTW-I am so disappointed in our society.

  5. It's so pathetic that we cry “terrorism” with other countries, but when it comes to our own citizens (including leaders), fear and terror is the GOP's game of choice.

  6. Great letter Nonnie! But it falls on deaf ears. At least, until his next election cycle…then he once again becomes a Democrat.

  7. i am glad the crowd held the asshole Lazy. He probably wanted to sucker punch the old guy then bail as quickly as possible. Fucking coward.

  8. Fearmongering has been a hit with the GOP since 9/11 showed them how to control the masses with it. But the masses are wising up to this crap thankfully. Except those that want to believe the bullshit.

  9. OF, I am angry at the wingnuts that go over the top. They are the lowest form of life for me.

  10.    A racial slur my ass! Stan up for what you believe but you better have the balls to admit to it or shut the fuck up! The scum on the right are fueling this and eventually they will have their 2nd revolution but they will not like it!

  11. The extremists on the right are really giving America a bad name. This shit is shown globally for christs sake..

  12. I'd be more apt to buy their charges of communism if I was getting some free vodka out of the deal, but I don't see any in my liquor cabinet.

  13. No shit Randal..I have to pay for ALL of my Skyy vodka..and that shit ain't cheap! 😉

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