33 prisons just aren’t enough..

The continuing saga of California’s massively overcrowded prisons hit’s a new low this week. SCOTUS refused to hear Cali’s request to stay the order issued by a federal panel of Judge’s recently. From Jurist:

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation issued a plan Friday to reduce prison overcrowding as orderedby a special panel of federal judges in August, but the plan falls short of the order’s requirements. According to the CDCR, the plan could reduce the overcrowding rate from 190 percent to 155 percent in the next three years. This falls short of the federal court order requiring a reduction to 137.5 percent, or a release of nearly 43,000 inmates from the state’s 33 prison facilities, in the next two years. The plan provides various ways of reducing the overcrowding rate including transferring more prisoners to out-of-state prisons, GPS monitoring of inmates who violate parole, commuting sentences of inmates who are eligible for deportation, and building new facilities or converting unused space. It is not clear what action the court will take against the CDCR for failing to meet its mandate, but options include holding Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in contempt of court or instituting its own plan. With its filing of the plan, the CDCR also said that is was not abandoning its appeal of the special panel’s ruling to the US Supreme Court.

Last week, the Supreme Court denied California’s request to stay the court order temporarily. The special panel’s ruling was the result of a lawsuit brought by two inmates against the state’s prison system, alleging that the overcrowding had resulted in a failure to provide adequate physical and mental health care, depriving them of their constitutional rights. The prison system in the state was originally built to handle around 80,000 prisoners, and it is estimated that there are currently 168,000 inmates being held in those facilities.

Like rats in a cage, the inmates of California’s prison system are stacked in every available space throughout the state’s prisons. The inevitable will occur, just like when too many rats live in one cage.

No one is saying they should all be set free. What I am saying is this:

If you fuckers can’t provide them with the most basic of human services, you need to deal with the consequences of your actions. NOW muthafuckas.

This has gone on far too long. Even SCOTUS is not amused. They are human beings first, prisoners second.


About Dusty, hells most vocal bitch

I am a..brown Cali bitch that is quite the opinionated,political, pain-in-the-ass, in your face kinda girl that also loves baseball and music to a fault. Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.--Albert Einstein-*

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  1. Dusty, I'm curious: is California one of the Three-Strikes-You're-Out states?

  2. You better fucking believe it, Dave. Not only is California a Three Strikes state, but it's a Two Strikes With Augmented Sentence state — that is, you can be sent to jail for fucking *life* for stealing a goddamned CANDY BAR in California, if you already got two strikes against you. And what counts as a strike is pretty goddamned ridiculous. Got two drunk driving convictions? Well, get caught driving careless and reckless, and you're gonna be some big brute motherfucker's honey for the rest of your life, kittens.

    And good luck getting this California law (which was passed by referendum) changed, cause most of the homies in jail are DARK. As in, black or Hispanic. And the tight-ass whitie honkies who passed this law, like, just jizzum all over their computer keyboards at the thought of all that dark meat just pressin' tight uip against each other in some dank prison hellhole, and moan “more, more, more prisoners! oooh, ooooh, oooh, AHHHHH!!!”. They can't send all the dark-skinned Californians to gas chambers, so this is all they can get off on, and they turn ferocious if you threaten to interrupt their stroke-fest by releasing some of that dark meat back on the streets. 

    So anyhow, California is truly fucked. The only thing worse than California is the rest of that hellhole you bastards call “The United States of America”, which, from what I can tell, ought to truly be called “The United States of inbred white trash fat ass cretins”. Well, until the USA becomes majority minority at some point in the next thirty years, at which point white trash heads are gonna explode and maybe some sanity can happen, but until then…

  3. As the Guest commenter says..it is a three K's and worse here in Cali Dave. Anyone that calls Cali a liberal state is wrong.

  4. Dear Guest, all the rightwing nutters heads are exploding now. A Black Prez just don't sit well with those assholes.

  5. I have no idea why this blog is calling me “Guest” when you can click on my link and it takes you to my blog. I am, of course, the Rude Kitty.

    As I've pointed out repeatedly, I'll believe the anger against Obama is about Obama's policies the moment the tighty rightie whitie teabaggers criticize Obama's policies, rather than made-up bullshit like “death panels”. Parading around with posters of Obama in whiteface and Obama as Hitler doesn't say a goddamned thing about the man's policies, which makes me, or any other sensible feline, think their problem is what Obama is, not what Obama does. And what Obama is, of course, is BLACK.

  6. Yo RK, you have to change the Guest title if you want it to reflect your name. 😉

    The teabagging, batshit nutters are racist, I don't give a flying fuck how they try to paint it.

  7. You're only human if WE say you are.


    The Military/Industrial Complex

  8. We all need to keep a close eye on California now, because it is Laboratory no. 2 for Republican Ideas, ie., Starve The Beast.  Y'all keep us informed.
    Laboratory no. 1, of course, is the South, in the Family Values Lab, where things have worked out so well for teenage pregnancy, health care in general, and education.

  9. This crap has been going on for almost a Decade in Cali Dave..nothing will change..bet on it. People would rather have them in rat cages than educate them and reform them.

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