Does this outfit make me look dumb and ineffective?

The Big O™ is now giving up on his position that Israel should cease building more homes and settlements on Palestinian land, asking both sides to come back to the table and discuss.

Yeah right jackass, like that is going to change anything Israel does regarding the Palestinian’s right to live and exist like humans on their own land.

The NYT sums up The Big O’s new position this way:

Rather, Mr. Obama, unable to extract that concession from Israel or other confidence-building moves from Arab states, seems intent to press Palestinians and Israelis to negotiate all the difficult issues between them toward a final deal that has eluded negotiators, and bedeviled American presidents, since President Jimmy Carter brokered a peace treaty between Israel and Egypt in 1979.

The pivot toward tackling issues that include the status of Jerusalem, the fate of Palestinian refugees and the borders of a future Palestinian state greatly increases the stakes for an administration that has found even small advances to be beyond reach. It also risks making Mr. Obama appear ineffective in having not gained a tangible early goal of his Middle East policy.

The last sentence really chaps my ass as it’s so friggin obvious to me. Ineffective, thy name is Barack Obama.

Obama has changed his ‘position’ so many times on so many issues he and we should all have a nasty friggin case of whiplash at this point. In fact, I am hardpressed to name one thing The Big O has steadfastly maintained his position on since we the people elected him last November.

Oh wait..I got one!


If you, m’dear reader, have another, please by all means..leave it in the comment section ok? I would love to have something positive to cheer about these days.

In the meantime, enjoy Will Ferrel’s new Funny or Die video on health insurance reform.

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I am a..brown Cali bitch that is quite the opinionated,political, pain-in-the-ass, in your face kinda girl that also loves baseball and music to a fault. Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.--Albert Einstein-*

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  1. I'm beginning to think that the Democrats have no actual interest in being in charge of the country.  How else do you explain their adherance to the Republicans agenda rather than that of the people who elected them?  Well, not to worry, after they fuck us on the health care issue, I'll be sure and stay home in 2010.  If I'm part of a statistical swell rather than an anomoly, then they can go back to being the irrelevant opposition, a place they seem to prefer.

  2. I won't stay home..I will vote..just not for any Democrat's that have shown us their lack of balls.

  3. I share your frustration with Obama. I think he mangled HC reform horribly and his insistence on bi-partisanship (which is highly overated, BTW) is ridiculous.

    as it stands, it seems the middle east will become his, his waffling on Israel will make him look foolish (especially after his strong speech to Muslims earlier in the year), and we could very likely end up with a health reform bill that will be a give-away to insurance giants.

    I don't know about this…

  4. BTW, I love this template, any pointers on contacting who created it?

    — Eddie

  5. Hey Eddie, I wanted to believe in him..but so far, he has done little if anything to make me feel that way.

    And I agree on the Insurance Co's giveaway..its friggin pathetic.

  6. Well Dusty, I'm sitting here at home trying to will a kidney stone to pass. Ouch!
    Ya know I tried to think of some campaign promise the big O has kept….. but damn, I'm struggling. 
    He did get a decent new Supreme Court justice on the bench. 
    I do believe he is putting more $$$ into education. 
    He is trying to do a double positive with Stim money- jobs & Infrasctucture work. 
    He did put the brakes on Wall Street bonuses for those who took bailout $. 

    He tried to stop the financial sector from totally crashing & burning- who knows what the right damned answer was…… Bush left the country in an unprecedented ruins- but before he did, had the financial fiasco run by *give me full immunity Paulsen*. 

    I hate the Afghansitan surge & the Iraq war still drags on. 
    I hate that we always have $$$ for wars, but not health care. 
    I can't believe how the gay rights issues have been abandoned…. both for marriage, and
    in the military. 

    Between the failing economy, the jobless & foreclosures, trying to get health care reform, 
    now there will be the damned Swine flu & some other nasty version of the flu that is deadly. 

    What next?  Locusts???

    To me, Gitmo, Gay Rights & the Israel on the West Bank issues are *no brainers*. 

    So it does seem like more of the same shit. 

    But Bush never gave a rats ass about *the people*…. in so much as he needed more bodies to get his war on. 

    So I credit Obama for trying to deal with all these asshats to get health care reform. 

    What a sick circus that has been!

    But I appreciate him for recognizing the problem & trying to deal with it early on. 

    Obama has a cool cat approach to things. 

    Let the wing nuts spin themsleves dizzy. 

    He never announced he;d not sign a health care bill w.o public option….. but maybe he;s just doing the poker face thing, and he will play that card in the end?

    He did this with Palin…. just ignored her. 
    He likes to take the high road & stay out of the frey. 

    So far, it's worked for him. 

    But yea, the honeymoon is over. 

  7. The honeymoon didn't really exist in my world Fran. But thanks for your points on the good The Big O™ as done so far. 😉

  8. The Big O has changed his tune on what? Health care? Uhm, kittens, check out his original health care plan from December 2007. It had fuckall in common with the current proposals in Congress and wasn't much different from John McCain's, certainly no public option anywhere in sight. People who voted for Obama in the primaries thinking he was a liberal were a buncha fucking morons, because there wasn't a single liberal policy proposal in sight anywhere on his campaign web site. And now they're disappointed? You see this uplifted digit? Yeah, that's all I gotta say about that.

    Futility is doing the same damned thing over and over again and expecting it to turn out different. People keep voting for the guy who raises the most money from corporations for product branding and advertising, they keep voting for the prettiest face rather than the best policy proposals, and then they expect different results? Crap, even a rude kitty with a brain the size of a large plum knows better than that!

  9. Rude Kitty, I for one, never thought of The Big O as liberal..far from it as a matter of fact.

    I voted for him because I wanted to elect someone that provided change from the status quo..First Dem I have voted for in years dude! I am registered as 'decline to state'.

    He has done nothing other than tow the BushCO line on most things of importance.

  10. I think you all should vote for me next time. I can't promise to be effective on anything, but I won't blow stuff up.

  11. Don't apologize for voting for Obama in the finals. That Palin is one crazy-ass bitch, and John McCain's a senile old fuck who's going to kick the bucket any minute now. I'm just amused at people who voted for Obama thinking he was liberal, when even a kitty reading his web site could figure out he wasn't.

    As for toeing the Bush line, not really. Toeing the line of assuring profits for the people who funded his branding effort… you betcha. Obama is just a front for the same rich fucks that Bush was a front for, except a bit smarter and not so prone to going off the reservation out of petulance or spite. If it was really about electing the best man to office, we'd be reading about President Dennis Kucinich right about now… but liberals refused to vote for him, 'cause their talking head “leaders” told them that the munchkin wasn't a “serious” candidate even though he was the smartest and had the best / most liberal policies of all the candidates. And now these same liberals are whining that Obama “betrayed” them? No, their own goddamned sucking stupidity betrayed them!

  12. I so wanted it to be Dennis K there is a guy I always support and trust.

  13. sure you won't blow stuff up? 😉

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