How the media has hosed ACORN, and ultimately, we the people.

I have, on several occasions over the last couple of years, taken on the nutters with regard to ACORN. I am sick of having to explain how ACORN actually alerted the state and county registrars with regard to the phony voter registrations or how they were the first to sound the alarm over predatory loan practices. I am fucking tired of having to explain that they have natural enemies like big business and the Republican party because of all the good they do for people on the bottom rungs of life and how the vast majority of people they register vote Democratic.

Now, it’s all fucking coming back to roost..the blatant bullshit attacks on ACORN.

But this time around..the MSM is helping the fuckwits destroy ACORN with their lies.

Rachel Maddow tonight had an excellent section on ACORN and the fuckery perpetrated by the Rethugs and their big business cronies to bring ACORN down. It’s also about the MSM and how they willingly helped these fuckwits destroy a group that has spent decades helping the poor and working poor.

Bringing ACORN down serves only the interests of big business, the banks, the rightwing nutters and those elected officials that take their lobbying money..namely the Rethugs. There is a report/study (pdf of the full study here) out by a couple of professors that shows the percentage of news stories/reports that were outright lies about ACORN and yet the MSM did not do their fucking homework, and they went along with the liars by reporting the bullshit as fact.

If there ever was a reason to despise the MSM, this is it. They are helping to destroy a non-profit agency who’s only goal is to help those less fortunate and give them the power of the voting booth to have their voices heard. The following is directly from the report/study and if you actually take the time to read all of the should make your skin crawl..or at the very least piss you the fuck off at the NY Times, The Washington Post and every other worthless corporate-run news agency:

Using the controversy over the community group ACORN, this study illustrates the way that the media help set the agenda for public debate, and frame the way that debate is shaped. We describe how opinion entrepreneurs (primarily business and conservative groups and individuals) set the story in motion as early as 2006, the conservative echo chamber orchestrated its anti‐ACORN campaign in 2008, the McCain‐Palin campaign picked it up, and the mainstream media reported its allegations without investigating their truth or falsity. As a result, the relatively littleknown community organization became the subject of a major news story in the 2008 U.S. presidential campaign, to the point where 82% of the respondents in an October 2008 national survey reported they had heard about ACORN.

• Although ACORN is involved in many community activities around the country, including efforts to improve housing, wages, access to credit, and public education, the dominant story frame about ACORN was “voter fraud.” The “voter fraud” frame appeared in 55% of the 647 news stories about the community organization in 15 mainstream news organizations during 2007 and 2008. The news media stories about ACORN were overwhelmingly negative, reporting allegations by Republicans and

• In October 2008, at the peak of the campaign season, negative attacks dominated the news about ACORN:
76% of the stories focused on allegations of voter fraud
8.7% involved accusations that public funds were being funneled to ACORN
7.9% of the stories involved charges that ACORN is a front for registering
3.1% involved blaming ACORN for the mortgage scandal

• The mainstream news media failed to fact‐check persistent allegations of “voter fraud” despite the existence of easily available countervailing evidence. The media also failed to distinguish allegations of voter registration problems from allegations of actual voting irregularities. They also failed to distinguish between allegations of wrongdoing and actual wrongdoing. For example:

82.8% of the stories about ACORN’s alleged involvement in voter fraud failed to mention that actual voter fraud is very rare (only 17.2% did mention it)
80.3% of the stories about ACORN’s alleged involvement in voter fraud failed to mention that ACORN was reporting registration irregularities to authorities, as required to do by law
85.1% of the stories about ACORN’s alleged involvement in voter fraud failed to note that ACORN was acting to stop incidents of registration problems by its (mostly temporary) employees when it became aware of these problems
95.8% of the stories about ACORN’s alleged involvement in voter fraud failed to provide deeper context, especially efforts by Republican Party officials to use allegations of “voter fraud” to dampen voting by low‐income and minority Americans, including the firing of U.S. Attorneys who refused to cooperate with the politicization of voter fraud accusations – firings that ultimately led to the 4 resignation of U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales
61.4% of the stories about ACORN’s alleged involvement in voter fraud failed to acknowledge that Republicans were trying to discredit Obama with an ACORN “scandal”
47.8% of the news stories about ACORN in October 2008 linked the organization to candidate Barack Obama, most of them seeking to discredit him and his campaign through guilt‐by‐association.

• The media bias against ACORN was evident not only in its focus on allegations of voter fraud but also in the language used to describe ACORN, such as leftist, left‐wing, front (for Democrats), radical, activist, political, militant, and socialist.
• The attacks on ACORN originated with business groups and political groups that opposed ACORN’s organizing work around living wages, predatory lending, and registration of low‐income and minority voters. These groups created frames to discredit ACORN that were utilized by conservative ”opinion entrepreneurs” within the conservative “echo chamber” – publications, TV and radio talk shows, blogs and websites, think tanks, and columnists – to test, refine, and circulate narrative frames
about ACORN. These conservative “opinion entrepreneurs” were successful in injecting their perspective on ACORN into the mainstream media.
• Perhaps the peak moment in the attack on ACORN occurred at the presidential debate between Obama and McCain on Oct. 15, 2008. Although not asked a question about ACORN, McCain injected the issue on his own, saying: “We need to know the full extent of Senator Obama’s relationship with ACORN, who is now on the verge of maybe perpetrating one of the greatest frauds in voter history in this country, maybe destroying the fabric of democracy.“

Clearly this statement was newsworthy. This study reveals, however, that
opinion entrepreneurs, the conservative echo chamber, and the mainstream media had laid the groundwork for McCain’s attack on ACORN.
• Local newspapers, which were more likely to verify the actual voting conditions of county election boards, were much less susceptible to the politicized “voter fraud” frame than the national news media.

If you can still read the American newspapers and listen to the nightly news on the networks and buy into everything they say hook, link and sinker..then you my friend..are not paying attention or you plain ass don’t give a fuck about what is true and what isn’t.

And I pity you.

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I am a..brown Cali bitch that is quite the opinionated,political, pain-in-the-ass, in your face kinda girl that also loves baseball and music to a fault. Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.--Albert Einstein-*

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  1. I remember hearing the right wing ruckus about ACORN during the election. I assumed if the wingnuts were pissed off, ACORN must be doing something good. 
    Thanks for shedding light on all the services they provided, and for a huge sector of the population disenfranchised from a vast array of social services. 

    They really have released the hounds on ACORN, I'm seeing one plug pulled after another. 

  2. For 40 years..they have helped the helpless or those without a voice. Yet the fuckwits constantly try to bring them down.

    Anger? You have no idea how angry it makes me.

  3. I put up an article today that questions why we're funding Blackwater if withdrawing Acorn's funding.  Democtats should have stood up to the GOP slime machinbe.

  4. But the Dem's have no balls Tom.

    They need to visit Ball R Us and buy a pair.

  5. The undercover videos really did a lot of damage. Acorn workers should have never offered advice to the people who walked in using the cover story they told.

    But that said, the videos did not tell it all. How many offices were the “reporters” turned away from? 1? 10? 50? And who was the worker? A long time employee / volunteer or someone fresh off the street? Were they paid off?

    Who knows. Of course a full investigation may uncover some of these things – but nobody seems to want one of those. And the people who shot the video are not speaking.

    I tried to point out to people that acorn had to turn over registrations they suspected of being frauds. it is the law. Nobody is allowed to throw out anything. If you take 10,000 registration forms, you have to turn in 10,000 forms. if 5,000 are blank you still have to turn them in. If the other 5,000 list “Mickey Mouse” as the name – you still have to turn them in. This is done so that voter drives can not target any one party. If someone signs up at an acorn drive as a republican – acorn is not allowed to say “oh we do not want this one” and toss it.

    Acorn pointed out to elections offices that they suspects some forms were frauds, and even put all the suspected frauds in a pile for the elections officials. Yet the right wingers were all shouting fraud.

    What I think we should all do is show up to right wing group sponsored voter drives. Thousands of us. And we should fill out as many forms as we can using fake names. Then when the fake forms are turned in cry fraud.

    And if the forms are not turned in – FRAUD! They were throwing out forms, which is illegal. See how Fox reports that one.

  6. And of course there is the really disturbing part of it all… that the democratic majorities in the house and congress, after Acorn registered 1.3 million voters in key districts and swing states, turned around and cut almost all of Acorn's rights to apply for national funding.  If ACORN goes down, the Democrats are only shooting themselves in the foot by voting against them.

  7. Acorn, like you say Lazy, plays by the rules. They have been doing it for 40 years. This wasn't their first rodeo.

  8. Oh yeah Guest, the Dem's are shooting themselves in the proverbial foot on this issue.

  9. Oh Jesus fucking Christ on a hairball, all this fucktardery is about some stupid-ass line workers giving bad advice? That's it? That's all it boils down to? Not a single goddamned crime anywhere in fucking sight, and we're supposed to fucking crucify these poor bastards even though, well, THEY DID NOT COMMIT A CRIME?!

    Next time some fucktard brings this up, remind them: GIVING BAD ADVICE IS NOT A FUCKING CRIME! And neither is failing to report a crime. There is NO GODDAMNED LAW ANYWHERE ON THE BOOKS REQUIRING REGULAR CITIZENS TO REPORT A CRIME! So we're supposed to barbecue ACORN even though they didn't break a single goddamned law, didn't commit a single fucking crime, because… oh well, we all know the reason for that. They're fucking BLACK, that's what. It's just goddamned nigger-knocking, that's all it is, and these fuckwit bastards in the press that got all the fucking balls of a box of dominos ain't got the fucking balls to call it what the fuck it is, instead they put on the fucking hoods themselves and go to lynching alongside the hooded fuckwits.

    Gah. Monkeys. The stupid never stops.

  10. you know this is ALL about race……..

    i used to think we would slowly drip away as a country

    now i think the end is not too far away

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