New details on the murder of census worker Sparkman

These details were provided by an individual that found the body. From a local tv channel:

A coroner says the word “Fed” appeared to be written with a felt-tip pen on a U.S. census worker found dead in eastern Kentucky.

Clay County Coroner Jim Trosper confirmed the detail Friday, but would not elaborate.

The body of Bill Sparkman was found hanging from a tree September 12, in Daniel Boone National Forest.

Jerry Weaver of Fairfield, Ohio, one of the witnesses who found the part-time census worker’s body hanging in a Kentucky cemetery, says the man was naked, and his hands and feet were bound with duct tape.

Thursday night Kentucky State Police said the preliminary cause of death was asphyxiation.

“Detectives are still conducting the investigation,” said KSP Trooper Don Trosper. “They are working on it daily to try to ascertain what exactly occurred.”

And they still refuse to call it murder.

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  1. This is a very serious crime…murder.  There was even speculation it may have been a suicide. 
    Please. The more facts that surface show that is just not the case. 
    It reminds me of the FREEDOM RIDERS, where they were testing a new law that made interstate travel lawful in states still practicing segregation. Mob scenes, burning busses, and violence against the Freedom Riders escalated, even though the Riders themselves were sworn to nonviolence. 

    This is a haunting crime, imposing a chilling effect on a program designed to help people. 

    I do believe the FOX news wingnut media hold in part responsibility for causing this hateful frenzy. 

  2. Great minds, Dusty.  I came out and said that Michelle Bachmann and Glen Beck contributed to this murder with their fear mongering and census conspiracy theories.

  3. No problem. Clearly mug-whumps do not want to be counted in the census. So we should allow states to vote to be included or excluded.

    Then the fear mongering by assholes on the far right will come home to roost. The people, who are all whipped up in a frenzy, will vote to be excluded.

    Then States like Kentucky, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, and so on will get the minimum number of representatives – which is 1. States that are included in the counts will get more representation.

    No problem here!

  4. As you knoiw from my post, I consider this a lynching. I couldn't believe they tried to float the “sucide” idea.

    This is more than a murder. It's an act of terrorosm. It's a crome against ALL of us.

  5. no doubt this was a lynching – and my fear – the tip of the iceberg
    the troops have been riled up by the likes of bachmann, beck, limbaugh and all the other assorted leaders of the pack

    it is only beginning

  6. Well to be fair, he could've been out walking around the cemetery and tripped over an old headstone causing him to pitch forward and catch his neck in an abandoned rabbit snare. While strangling, he obviously took out a pen to write a quick note to the Fed about their monetary policies, but having no paper, started it on his chest. As for being naked…he merely enjoyed the free and easy feeling it gave him.

    Or so I've heard.

  7. Oops. I forgot to sign that last one.

    Carry on.

  8. Oh come on kittens, clearly this man committed suicide. He duct-taped his hands together after stripping all his clothes off and… err… how did he duct-tape his hands together? With his toes, of course! Monkeys have prehensile toes, after all.

    Oh wait, you say his feet were bound with duct tape too? Oops, scratch that theory! Naw, it's pretty damn clear this poor bastard was murdered. Who murdered him, and why… ah yes, that is the question, indeed.

  9. That census worker knew to be careful.  People are Nuckin' Futz.  I'm just glad he was able to have a
    meal before he died.
    No, just kidding…a lil' levity, here.
    That M. Bachman needs a psychiatrist, as do all the rednecked theothugs!

  10. Suicide.  Case closed.  Probably just depressed from watching too much Janeane Garofalo.  Take the hint.

  11. Right jackass. Only a rightwing nutter would attribute his death to suicide.

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