SCOTUS accepts Skillings case. Irsay slaps Limbaugh around

The bag o’ batshit will get his day in court sometime next year.

He is appealing all 19 convictions.

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On another political front..which also happens to be a sports story..the Colts owner slaps down the whole idea of Boss Limbaugh being a part of an NFL ownership group:

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay said this afternoon that the divisive rhetoric of prospective Rams minority owner Rush Limbaugh makes him unappealing.

“I myself couldn’t even think of voting for him,” said Irsay speaking from the NFL’s Fall Owner’s Meetings in Boston.

Asked if he’d spoken to other owners about Limbaugh’s candidacy, Irsay said, “I haven’t and I don’t think I would even go to the point of talking to Tony Dungy, Jim Caldwell, Dwight Freeney, talking to those men and seeing what their positions are. I’m very sensitive to know there are scars out there. I think as a nation we need to stop it. Our words do damage and it’s something that we don’t need. We need to get to a higher level of humanity and we have.

“I come from a different era where Marvin Gaye and John Lennon were speaking about [certain things] and we’ve been doing a slow crawl to some of the things they talked about. We don’t need to go the other way,” Irsay added. “We can’t go the other way where there isn’t forgiveness and understanding but we gotta watch our words in this world and our thoughts because they can do damage.”

Well said Mr. Irsay.  Let there be a discussion on this issue, and that way, all of the divisive rhetoric spewed by Limbaugh will once again see the light of day. Limbaugh will bring nothing to the NFL except his money.

Update: The Commish has weighed in on Boss Limbaugh and it pretty much makes him persona non-grata:

“I’ve said many times before, we’re all held to a high standard here,” Goodell said. Then he continued: “I would not want to see those comments coming from people who are in a responsible position in the NFL –- absolutely not.”

 Goodell emphasized that the Rosenbloom family, which owns the St. Louis Rams, is not even fully committed to sell its majority stake in the team and that they were extremely early in the process. Limbaugh has teamed with the former Madison Square Garden executive Dave Checketts in a bid for the Rams. But Goodell’s comments were a thinly veiled signal that Limbaugh’s bid –- even if it were the highest –- would most likely not receive support from owners, who must approve any change in ownership.

YAY! Adios mutha fucka! 😉


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  1. the fat bastard is a misogynist, so he's asked to be a judge for the miss america pageant.  he's a racist asshole, so he wants to buy into an organization where the vast majority of players are african-american.  what's left for him?  he despises liberals, so i guess he'll try to buy air america.  he doesn't seem to have any love for hispanics, either, so i guess he'll be buying a few taco bell franchises pretty soon.

  2. He sure as fuck is Nonnie. A mysoginist and a racist..what.a.fucking. douche nozzle.

  3. It would be ironic if the Lush's own ideology — the “free” market — would deny him ownership! Even Lush would have a hard time protraying a group of elite millionaires as a “libruhl” conspiracy.

  4. I can't wait to hear him whine Eddie. 😉

  5. I'm pretty sure that the NFL ownership rules prohibit convicted criminals from owning NFl teams… and Rush Limpdick, of course, is the Oxycontin king, convicted of scamming enough hillbilly heroin off of doctors to tranquilize half of fuckin' West Virginia (and that's a lot of Oxycontin, meow!). Not a chance in hell he'd get approved as an NFL owner… I mean, we're talking about the sanctimonious pricks who forced Ed Debartolo to sell the 49ers for the “crime” of running a casino, meow!

  6. If Skilling gets off, it will prove our legal system is corrupt.

    BTW: the default comments system on blogger is much easier to use than this one.

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