A week from today….

I will be driving to Billings Montana with my youngest sister. She is moving there with her dog Amadeus. I am going along in case the weather gets bad, as she hasn’t driven in snow much during her life. Plus, I just don’t want her driving by herself.

Billings is the largest city in Max Baucusland. It has a population of 100,000 . I have never been to Montana, so I look forward to this trip. I will be flying home on some airline I have never heard of and hopefully it’s not using propeller-driven planes. I am not a big fan of cramped, prop planes.

So, is anyone familiar with the area? I will be there for about four days and obviously will need something to do as my sis’s furniture won’t arrive until day three. No tv, no beds..no nothing. Motel living at it’s best..complete with free wifi! Yellowstone National Park isn’t really close enough to take in on this trip. Bummer…

About Dusty, hells most vocal bitch

I am a..brown Cali bitch that is quite the opinionated,political, pain-in-the-ass, in your face kinda girl that also loves baseball and music to a fault. Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.--Albert Einstein-*

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  1.    That looks beautiful but I hope she is going to something better than that! I know nothing about Montana or Billings.  I wish a safe trip there and a safe flight home. Good luck to little sis!

  2.  From somebody from Montana who is not a cowboy – “Billings ain't that special”. Have fun and make sure you have some beef fries and some curs-Curs lite!! He Ha!!

  3. I've been there and I can think of two sports that are excellent.

    1) Trout fishing
    2) Heckling BARF Baucus.

  4. Sounds like a real adventure.  Have fun!  Never been there, so I have no suggestions.


  5. my brother and s-i-l live in billings, and they love it there.  i've never been there and rarely talk to them, so i have no idea how they spend their time there.  drive and fly safely, dusty.  best of luck to your sister on her new adventure.

  6. My daughter and son-in-law moved there 4 years ago.  I have been there 3 times in the last 2 years…..not much to do during the winter…although my son-in-law hunts and likes fishing….what to do….depends on where your motel is, just there are stores and malls and some museums….

  7. good lord! isn't that flyover country 🙂 you are on your own lady 🙂 i have never been off the east coast.  stay safe!

  8. LOL Jim..but that's her new home! Just kidding. 😉 My little sis is so excited, she  has never lived outside California. That she took this huge step really makes me proud of her.

  9. My dear lil sis is non-political, but a very good human Tom. So she won't be heckling Barf Baucus, but you know I would love to! 😉

  10. Hi YnB! I will be blogging from da road..you know I never go anywhere without my trusty laptop! 😉

  11. Thanks Renee! I don't think I will be doing any hunting or fishing..not my cup of tea. And it is snowing there already.

  12. Thanks Betmo, are you saying I will be 'detained'? 😉

  13. Watch out for bombthrowing wingnuts.

  14. Your sis?!?  Non political?!!?  I bet you drive her nuts! 😀

  15. I suppose you may have to be content with looking at beautiful views.  Enjoy the lack of Bed and Bath stores while you can.

  16. dammit, that was Daveawayfromhome, as is this.  Your comments section continues to irritate me.

  17. Dave, you just remove the Guest moniker and type in your own name m'dear. Everyone hates this system..so you aren't alone. I ain't too damn fond of it either.

  18. Dave, I wonder if they have all the usual stores..probably. I havent been to a small town that size in forever, so I am kinda looking forward to that as well. 😉

  19. I try not to Guest..she is a good person, slightly left of center and although I do try to educate her on a lot of issues, I dont go after her like a dog after a bone. 😉

  20. Guest was me, and I was signed in too. 😦

    Go after her like a TomCat after a rodent!

  21. I'm afraid I've only been to Montana once. I was eleven years old, and we just passed through on a train. Think of it as an adventure. If you see anything extraordinary be sure to take pictures.

  22. I did not get the follow ups or else I would have been back sooner
     You may recognize them as Rocky Mountain Oysters. They are bull testicals and are pretty good actually. I like pig as well but with corporations in charge you can't get them anymore easily. Turkey are by far the best but it's been a long time since I've had any of any kind.

    No matter what – have a great time and make sure you get out of Dodge for a couple rides.

  23. Had I gotten to this in time, I woulf have answered that they are what you chop on Repuglicans. Dusty. 😉

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