Parody: CoC doesn’t have a sense of humor.

I really enjoyed this story today. In fact, I loved the shit out of it. But it also jacked my jaw at how the assholes at the Chamber of Commerce reacted. Releasing the hounds..I mean, the lawyers is just so common for big ball-busting corporations and their supporters..isn’t it? From the writeup:

After the Yes Men pulled their now-famous prank earlier this week on the US Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber issued a vague threat of “law-enforcement action.” The group doesn’t appear to have called the cops on the Yes Men just yet, but on Wednesday it issued a Digital Millennium Copyright Act take-down demand notice for the parody site that the Yes Men set up to publicize their fake event, in which the “Chamber” announced that it would support a sane global warming policy after all.

The Chamber’s attorney at the intellectual property law firm Kenyon & Kenyon issued a notice to the Yes Men’s internet service provider, Hurricane Electric, asking them to take down the site. “The website infringes the Chamber of Commerce’s copyrights by directly copying the images, logos, design, and layout of the Chamber of Commerce’s copyright-protected official website, located at,” they wrote.They ask Hurricane to “take down all such infringing material” and/or end their business relationship with the Yes Men. “Continuing to be the ISP for this material could subject Hurricane Electric to legal liability,” the letter states.

Fuckers just can’t take a joke.. And since when is spoofing or parody against the damn law? EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) takes aim at the fuckwits at the CoC here. Like the circle jerkers at the RIAA, the CoC is so full of shit, the head fuckwit-in-charge’s eye’s better be brown.


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  1. No, but I have now Nonnie. 😛 Thank you sista woman!

  2. Dumb move by the CoC.  This will offend many, who are not even politically oriented.

  3. If they get booted, then they should go use Boing Boing's ISP.  Cory Doctorow discusses it here.  It's the usual bullshit, corporations are allowed to threaten without legal standing, nobody wants to (or can afford to) pay for the challenging of it, so the corporations win.  Again.

  4. For the record, the Yes Men's service provider is not Hurricane Electric, but May First/People Link (MFPL). MFPL is not a corporate ISP, but a progressive membership organization. Hurricane Electric is May First/People Link's upstream provider. MFPL fought back, defending their right to the parody, and eventually moving their site to another one of our colocation centers to keep it up and running.

    More info is here:

    jamie (co-director, MFPL)

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