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NBC-Universal to be sold to Comcast.

I personally do not consider this news a good thing. The main reason is that Comcast is run by assholes that are nowhere near the center politically. Comcast has been known to consider left of center groups as the enemy and refused to allow their emailings to get to Comcast customers. From the NYT:

If it holds, the agreement would conclude weeks of hardball negotiations between G.E. and Vivendi over an alliance first forged in 2004. Resolving the issue of Vivendi’s stake is crucial to completing the G.E.-Comcast deal. But the French company took a tough stance, brandishing its option of holding an initial public offering for its stake rather than selling it back to G.E.

Under the current outlines of the agreement between G.E. and Comcast, NBC Universal would be put into a new joint venture, between the two giants. Comcast would pour billions of dollars in cash and its own cable channels for a 51 percent stake, while G.E. would hold an initial 49 percent and contribute about $12 billion in debt.

G.E., which has owned NBC for more than two decades, is expected to eventually sell its ownership interest to Comcast over the next several years.

This sale does not make me feel warm and fuzzy. Not by a longshot.

KO’s special comment on Afghan troop buildup

First and only unionized Walmart wins court case.

Once the Canadian Walmart employees unionized, the Quebec Walmart shut it’s doors permanently. The former employees then sued Wally World under the Quebec labor code. From Jurist;

 The Supreme Court of Canada on Friday upheld the right of Wal-Mart Inc., the world’s largest retailer, to close its operations in Jonquiere, Quebec, shortly after a union attempted to organize employees in 2005. In a 6-3 decision, the court held that there was no law or precedent that forced an employer to stay in business. The suit was filed by laid off Wal-Mart workers who claimed that the retailer violated labor laws by shutting down its operations while negotiations were taking place for a collective agreement. The former employees also alleged that Wal-Mart had a history of being anti-union and that the closure of the store was a direct attack against the employees being involved with the union. The former employees brought suit under section 17 of the Quebec Labour Code, which states that an employee may not be sanctioned for exercising any right under the Code. The court indicated that the former employees could have brought suit under section 12 instead, noting that:

A claim under s. 12 is logical because the essential thrust of the appellant’s position is not that he alone or with some colleagues was singled out for discriminatory treatment but that Wal-Mart targeted generally the rights of all employees at the Jonquiere store (and elsewhere). Jobs were lost not only by union supporters but by others who were indifferent about the union or who were altogether against union representation.

Wal-Mart claims that it closed the store due to poor financial performance coupled with demands by the United Food and Commercial Workers Union to hire more employees pursuant to the first collective agreement. Wal-mart won both at the Quebec Superior Court and the Quebec Court of Appeals. This was the first North American Wal-Mart to become unionized.

Ain’t that some shit?  Kinda makes you go hmmmm…I knew Wally World was staunchly anti-union…but to close a store? And do NOT tell me it was closed for business reasons because that is total horseshit. Walmart closed a meat dept in a TX store because they unionized under the meat cutters national union:

The world’s largest retail chain has fiercely and successfully resisted unionization attempts at its 3,600 stores in the United States. Its closest call ended in Texas in 2000 when the store eliminated its meat department after 11 meat cutters voted to join a union. United Food and Commercial Workers is mounting a fresh campaign to organize Wal-Mart workers in the United States, a push it says has been given impetus by recent legal action and a former company vice president’s contention that he surreptitiously organized anti-union activities.

Fuckers…Sam Walton and his relatives can take a long walk off a very short pier. I know..Sam is dead but his smarmy ‘vision’ remains intact.

Mary Matalin supports GOP Purity test

She is either a major attention whore, or she has gone over the edge of the abyss. How else do you explain her support of the GOP Purity Test.

I have never liked or respected ol Mary and doubt I ever will..but I figured she had at least two brain cells to rub together.

Apparently she doesn’t.

Slow news day gotcha down? Go Shopping!

Today is the day after Thanksgiving. The only news out there will be about the idiots consumers that take part in the craziness known as Black Friday.

I have done it once in my life and vowed never to do it again. I didn’t even get what I went there for.

Unless you love being crammed into stores like sardines in a can or college students in a Volkswagen, you will not be participating either.

But Wait!! There is a Black Friday in the real world. There is this news about Dubai. It’s not looking good for those sheiks apparently. The world’s stock markets took a huge shit today on the news that Dubai’s financial health is in the crapper. From the CNN linky:

The problems Friday stem from Dubai World, the finance arm of Dubai, which is considering a postponement of payments on nearly $60 billion in debt. The debt was used to fuel a construction boom over the last few years, including its palm-tree shaped island projects, but the Middle East nation was hit hard by a real estate crunch.

Oh my…that is nasty indeed! They won’t be buying very many Maybachs then, will they? tsk…tsk..tsk. ;>)