Is this really a surprise?

I damn near swallowed my tongue when I read this today.Not because it shocked me, but because it angered me and the people that did the study on it were probably shocked by the findings.

To quote from the article: A survey of US soldiers in Afghanistan shows declining morale among army units and that troops facing three or more combat tours have higher rates of mental health and marital problems, the US Army said Friday.

The key phrase is bolded..three or more friggin tours people. To continue from the writeup:

Soldiers in Afghanistan who had gone through three or more deployments were “significantly more likely to meet the criteria for a psychological problem” than those on their first and second deployment, the report said.
Among troops facing three or more deployments, 31 percent were suffering from mental health problems compared to 18.1 percent of soldiers on their second deployment and 13.6 percent on their first combat tour, it said.
And marital problems were dramatically higher among soldiers with three or more combat tours, with 30.8 percent experiencing marital crises compared to 14.3 percent for those on their first deployment.

These soldiers know we are doing nothing to better the lives of the Afghanistan people or to end the reign of terror that Al Qaeda has going on in the world..specifically that part of the world. They are frustrated and probably at their wit’s end.

Add to that, the ratio of mental health caregivers to soldiers is a whopping one to 1,123 soldiers.

WTF? Lemme say that again for mental health provider for every 1,123 soldiers. Holy fuckamoly..that is criminal. But the government says that will change shortly because they plan on shipping a shitload of Shrinks over there by the end of the year…hopefully none of them are like Major Hasan for christ’s sake. We saw how well they screen those guys recently.

And The Big O is taking his sweet time figuring out wtf he is gonna do. I am glad he is doing that..but I really don’t see much as changing..just the numbers being deployed and redeployed..and redeployed again..and again and again.

It’s criminal I tell ya..fucking god damn criminal what we do to our soldiers in the name of the war on friggin terror.

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  1. It totally makes me ill, this whole fuckin war is for WHAT??? It is not keeping up safe, its a fuckin lie!! I feel so desperately sad for our soldiers, I can only hope Obama feels this too and will end this farce of a war like he promised!! Its inhumane how are soldiers are enduring this, we need to protest in the streets, why aren't we doing that??

  2. With full disclosure that I recently divorced a soldier who just finished his 3rd deployment to Iraq, I know the divorce rate is miserable in my neck of the woods.  On top of the marriage issue, there is also the issue of single soldiers not being able to even begin a stable life as once they get a new relationship going, off they go (back) to war.  These soldiers are demoralized not only by the war but also by the fact that they feel beaten by the fact that they cannot even begin/restart the lives they were promised (going to college, buying a home, getting married/starting a family) because the military churns out their deployments right about the time the rest of us plan our lives and put it into action.  The wives/girlfriends are fed up because what kind of life can you have when you spend most of it alone raising your kids when you expected to be a whole family?  Many people say, “well, you married a soldier, you should expect him to go to war and spend a significant time alone…” But, these same people have never had this experience that they talk down to, never having had to wear those shoes or even comprehending what it must be like to love someone that you can never see because your government has decided that your soldier is more valuable to them than to his family or the community at large.  Not to mention the insult that we are not making progress, we are basically continuing to replace overworked troops with more overworked troops and expecting new results with each deployment while things actually get worse over there.  My family is blessed that my ex now has a desk job (as a recruiter) for the next three years, so that means he's stateside for a bit, but what will happen to their father when/if he has to deploy again?

  3. Agree with both commenters and the post. What on earth are these wars for and what have they acheived? SQUAT! Do we feel safer now? I don't@ What a futile war – both wars have cost us $900 BILLION since 2001 – that's money that could have been way better spent!

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  4. I suspect Obama's taking a long time to decide because there are no good choices (at least from a political standpoint).  The status quo sucks, adding troops just stresses an already stressed system, and pulling out altogether will probably add danger to the mission in Iraq.  It's a clusterfuck, and he'll lose no matter what he chooses.

  5. The fact that most of them are protecting a natural gas pipeline instead of fighting the Taliban can't help much either.

  6.    A few of my sons have been in and out of Afghanistan and Iraq many times. One in Iraq yesterday, one flying air support over there somewhere right now, and one has been in EOD 10 years and is about 6 months into his “first”State side tour running the EOD school in Florida!

  7. we are there for one reason only- because we dont want to lose – winning- HA! there is no winning – it is all about not losing – not another vietnam.  this is a disaster on every level – nothing good comes of this in the end. 

    if obama had cojones – he would damn the torpedoes and pull the hell out – and watch how better it wojld get here

  8. Our troops have been used and abused to the breaking point.  They need and deserve a rest.

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