Army Corp of Engineers found liable for Katrina damage.

A lower federal court has ruled for the residents of the ninth ward and roughly 100,000 other residents of New Orleans.

The government will most likely appeal this ruling. From the NPR link:

A federal judge in New Orleans has ruled the U.S. government owes damages to residents whose homes were swamped by Hurricane Katrina’s floodwaters in 2005.

In a sometimes scathing critique of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. District Judge Stanwood Duval found “monumental negligence” in the operation and maintenance of a shipping channel called the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet.

He rejected the government’s argument that the Corps was immune from liability and had properly maintained the navigation channel, known locally as MRGO.

Flood victims had sued, arguing the widening of the channel and subsequent loss of protective wetlands turned MRGO into a speedway for Katrina’s storm surge. Judge Duval blamed government engineers for letting the shipping channel “run amok.”

Duval awarded damages of about $720,000 to four people and a business. The case has been closely watched by other Katrina victims seeking compensation from the government.

Three cheers for this judge. The ruling might not stand but he did the right thing anyway regardless of how the higher federal courts rule. 

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  1. Well, they were somewhat to blame. But not entirely.

    1. it was stupid to build a city there to begin with.

    2. it's even stupider to be rebuilding it in the same place.

    3. They originally built the levees tall enough but the city sank and no one wanted to spend the extra money to raise them to the required height to make up for the sinking. And the city is still sinking so even if they HAD raised the levees we'd have same problem down the road. 

  2. Um no, they were entirely to blame. Dozens of Engineers and Professors of Engineering have shown that the Army Corp didn't know wtf they were doing when they built the levee's and when they cleared out the slews.(sic)
    Plus the levee's were never maintained.

    NOLA had withstood bigger storms in the past..the levee's finally gave way after decades of folks bitching that they needed to be be repaired.

    Did you read the judges decision?

  3. This is a good opportunity to plug the Gulf Coast Civil Works Project. This would do a lot of work on the far from finished rebuilding of the Gulf Coast while helping to create jobs during these terrible times.

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