Read the Senate healthcare bill and the CBO analysis

Here is the Senate bill and here is the CBO analysis of said bill.

Bring your lunch as the bill is over 2000 pages. It’s 2,074 pages to be exact.

We have to know wtf we are talking as to address the fuckery the rightwing nutters will be unleashing very soon, if they haven’t started on this bill already.

Here is ThinkProgress’s analysis of ‘the bill’ which is sort like the Cliff Notes version.


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  1. Thanks for this, Dusty.  I'll read it before lunch. 😉

  2.    Republicans are going to tie it up every second they can through the steps. I understand even though it is available on line they are going to have it read on the floor page by page. That in itself could take 2 days. We will be lucky if this gets to Obama in January!

  3. read the damned bill, and make the fucking rethugs sit there and listen to it!  i hope they get blisters on their asses from having to sit too long.

  4. Robert Reich has a very depressing analysis of the whole health-care debate, not terribly detailed but I trust him to make a good summary.  Basically, we've been fooked, and fooked but good. Republicans and their ilk have already done their damage, anything else they do is just piss frosting on the shit cake.

  5. Dave. I believe Reich's analysis on anything. The man is one source I trust.

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