War Bonds anyone?

Oh, this is rich:

 Lawmakers in both houses of Congress have introduced legislation to pay for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq by using a method that’s a throwback to prior U.S. conflicts: war bonds.

Saying that it would “promote national shared sacrifice and responsibility,” Rep. Kendrick Meek, D-Fla., introduced a bill Wednesday in the House of Representatives that would authorize the treasury secretary to issue and sell war bonds to Americans to fund the wars.

A national shared sacrifice? Are you shitting me jackass? Exactly how in the blue-fucking-hell, Representative Meek, does buying war bonds share with the soldiers doing three or four tours in Iraq or Afghanistan?

The last time the US issued War Bonds was for WWII.

These ‘bonds’ do effin’ nothing to erase the debt we are incurring for two morally bankrupt wars. As a noted in the McClatchy piece, Critics note that the bonds must be repaid eventually, merely postponing the debt.



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  1. I say tax the rich.  They are the ones making all the money off the war anyway.  Or maybe all republicans.  They started the wars.  Let them pay for it.

  2. Someday I will have to leave the country over stupid shit like that. Okay, I freely admit that I realize I'm not the brightest bulb around but I really begin to worry when both our elected leaders, and lets be even more honest, the American people themselves allow this kind of smoke and mirrors.

    Not only do we need to tax the rich, the middle class as well explaining where every cent is going. That right there makes it impossible cause the politicians, no matter how they much they claim to being for the people, do not want their special party examined too closely.

    But sense I can play emperor in mind not only would I tax the lazy, banal, and less than curious rich and middle class as long as the world doesn't directly affect them I would draft the shit out of all the white kids from those families. Lets ban all college deferments and start getting body bags sent to a few more suburban homes. After that I'm certain of two things happening. One, plenty of rich, god fearing, republican voting, moms and dads would start sending their precious children to Canada. Two, an anti-war movement would suddenly pop up so fast it would make your head spin.

  3. I like the way Jerry thinks. Oh, 90% top tax rate, where are you?

  4. I agree with all three of you guys. With a 90% marginal tax rate and a 50% corporate rate rather than give the $ to the govt in taxes it trickles down to the workers or goes into capital assets. In other words helps the economy. With lower rates that's when we get the bonuses/short term gains mentality. High taxes don't hurt business, it helps. and it boosts the economy.
    But try telling that to a Republican not named Bruce Bartlett.

  5. Add one more thing.  Require every military age relative of every member of the House and Senate to serve in the front lines.  It will create a legislature of instant pacifists.

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