When nutters attack!!!!

The post below this one contains the ravings of two nutters from the extreme right. They really went off the deep end and it was comical to say the least. Don’t feed/respond to them as it will only encourage them to spew more skewed horseshit all over my humble little blog.

But let’s allow them their justifications/delusions…onward and upward! Rachel’s piece on the Rethugs who loved the mandate before they hated it:


The mandate is nothing more than corporate welfare for the insurance corporations. Oh, the Steve King video below is priceless! A blurb from the C&L piece:

Things aren’t looking too good for the Republican Party’s messaging machine when a Republican law maker is having to run away from Dana Bash of all people and even former Rudy Giuliani staffer and Wingnut false equivalency king John Avalon is admitting Sarah Palin is inciting violence given the real threats to members of Congress this week.

Chickenshit nutters can bitch about Bill Ayers all they want..at least the Weather Underground warned, via the press, before they bombed a building during a war that killed thousands and thousands of American’s for nothing. All the Dem’s did this week was pass a bill. 


He can’t get away from her fast enough, can he?

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I am a..brown Cali bitch that is quite the opinionated,political, pain-in-the-ass, in your face kinda girl that also loves baseball and music to a fault. Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.--Albert Einstein-*

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  1. THese so called democrats have to realize a few things.
    Single payer, or the Public Option was never, ever meant to be part of this so called HC reform.
    The mandate was.
    The Ins Corps will gladly swallow the 32 million new customers that were just given to them.
    Prior conditions. Ya, you can now get coverage. But at what cost?????? They do not want to talk about that do they. Just because you can get it does not mean you can afford it.
    End result is that the O Team gave the democrats FALSE HOPE, chump change. Letting the dems believe they would get single payer, or at least the public option. When that was never in the White House deck of cards in the first place. They got their ill-informed base all juiced up. Then the O Team convinced them that htis was real change.
    The only change I see is more $$$$$ for the Ins. Corps.

  2. Yep…you are correct m'dear…it's horseshit on a stick. It's the small print that gets us every time.

  3. For real: The Erwin J NUTTER Center here in Beavercreek, OH is “hosting” (letting 'em speak) a Tea Bagger Rally next month. It's at Wright State University, a very nice place….but apropos I guess

  4. Lol..gawd damn…major irony alert in that eh Judi? 😉

  5. The good thing about the mandate is that it does not kick in for 4-5 years.  That gives us ample time to push single-payer.  The other good thing about the mandate is that nobody is actually required to purchase health care.  They have the choice to pay a fee instead, intended to cover the emergency room care of those who do not get health care and cannot pay for their own care.  Currently that fee is set at zero.

  6. And people get mad when I say that this is a Republican wealthcare plan.

  7. They sell batsh*t by the truckload here in Oregon.

    It always makes me wonder if people like this are really its origin.

  8. dont know if you've seen this guy: http://sipseystreetirregulars.blogspot.com/ – said to be the leader of the nouveau kristallnacht…

  9. I believe it's mostly that as well Libhomo..TomCat however, thinks positive on this issue..bless him…because I can not.

  10. Ah TomCat…you are such a positive human. 😉

  11. Damn Will…its hard to say. But those who follow these fuckwits have fewer brain cells than a dandelion. 😉

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