Hate Speech vs Free Speech

The recent ruling regarding the rightwing nutters of Westboro Baptist Church and a dead soldiers father, Albert Snyder, has once again brought up the issue of hate speech being protected as free speech.

Personally, I have always held that hate speech should not be protected under the first amendment. I realize the horrific job of determining what is free speech and what is hate speech is a daunting, overwhelming one…but with today’s technology, hate speech can be widely disseminated to anyone…including those who aren’t playing with a full deck mentally.

Hate speech can and always has incited violence. If I have to give an example, Hitler, three letters: KKK, and the SPLC has plenty of cases to choose from.

I must acknowledge Bill O’Reilly…as impossible as that might seem m’dear reader. Bill-O has volunteered to pay the entire $16K court-ordered ruling recently handed down by the 4th Circuit Court in the Snyder/Westboro case. Thank You Bill-O, and I really mean it.

What that tells me is that this issue spans the political spectrum..and we all can’t be fucking wrong!   This bullshit needs to be fixed whether that comes from a SCOTUS ruling or a bill in Congress..fix it you fucks!

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I am a..brown Cali bitch that is quite the opinionated,political, pain-in-the-ass, in your face kinda girl that also loves baseball and music to a fault. Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.--Albert Einstein-*

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  1. The problem isnt that hate speech, it's that courts dont throw Westboro out on their asses everytime they bring something to court. What should have happened was that Snyder and mourners should have beaten the crap out of the Westboro crowd, and when Westboro pressed charges, the judge should have laughed at them. Then, when they switched to civil court, that judge should have laughed at them, too. Thae problem isnt one of Speech, but of common sense and, perhaps more important, common decency.

    But since none of the above is gonna happen, someone needs to go with prosecuting them, as one commenter suggested in your link.

  2. The Bush administration really loaded up the federal court system Dave. We are fucked when it comes to the majority of federal courts and how far right they lean. It will be decades before the fed court system has the ability to become more centrist I fear.

  3. Canada and the UK have been at the forefront of this very divisive issue, and neither case has been very successful. The problem is, when you decide that some language becomes off-limits, it becomes off-limits to all sides. While that sounds like a good thing, in practice it has been a nightmare. 

    A couple of years ago, I and others who follow Canadian politics found ourselves vigorously defending a real knuckle-dragging wingnut due to his being silenced just because the Commission decided that his ideological arguments were too strident. 

    That's what happens when a left-leaning org. decides to decide who can say what. Our concern was, and still is; What happens when a right-leaning org. decides that liberal issues are too provocative for public discourse? Everyone reading here knows how easily that could happen. 

    So, just like my decision that some people definitely deserve the Death Penalty, but I can't even envision an governmental entity that would be objective enough to assure me that no innocents would be executed, similarly, I can't see any commission formed through our very partisan government that would be capable of always being fair and non-partisan in their decisions.

    Of course, my Vietnam vet. buddy has a solution that might be workable; “Fuck'em; Kill them all!” 

  4. Morning Trog!

    I still think hate speech should be outlawed..and I do realize that it will be a hard task. Yes, it should affect both sides of the aisle as hate speech is wrong on every level.

  5. Libel and slander laws and penalties need to be updated and enforced quicker.. Like everything else, it's not the laws its the enforcment that is wacked.  

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