Hot Tub Tommy trial to finally start?

We can only hope. From TPM:

Five years after he was charged with conspiracy and money laundering in an alleged scheme to funnel corporate money into the 2002 Texas elections, former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay may soon stand trial after a ruling by a state appeals court cleared perhaps the final remaining obstacles in the case.

And his lawyer tells TPMmuckraker DeLay couldn’t be happier with the state of the case.

“He wants to go to trial. He’s been wanting to go to trial from the very beginning,” says Dick DeGuerin, the high-profile Texas defense attorney who is representing DeLay. “There’s no evidence by any stretch of the imagination that could convict him.”

Overturning a lower court Wednesday, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals ruled in a case brought by DeLay’s two co-defendants, John Colyandro and Jim Ellis, clearing the way for the case to move forward. The Austin American-Statesman reports:

The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals unanimously ruled that the lower state 3rd Court of Appeals erred when it accepted the co-defendants’ arguments that the money laundering law did not apply to them because the funds involved were checks, not cash. The all-Republican court, in effect, said the lower court acted prematurely.

The state’s highest criminal court also dismissed the defendants’ constitutional challenge that Texas’ law banning corporate donations was too vague or overly broad to be understood.

 We must be positive…or negative..what-the-fuck-ever…that Delay and his cronies will get to do the perp walk one of these days….whilst I can still revel in the deliciousness of it all. Please excuse all the photoshops of Delay. I despise that lyin’ sumbitch with every fiber of my being.


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  1. Now there's a wish I can get behind.  There are few people more deserving of an extended vacation at the GOP Guantanamo Gulag.

  2. Let's see if he can Tap dance his way out of this.  Twinkle toes your days are numbered.

  3. I'm hoping we get one for our side. It couldn't be more fitting if this human piece of shit spent years in the Cock Roach Hotel.

  4. “I despise that lyin' sumbitch with every fiber of my being.”

    You kill me – and often make my day.   🙂

  5. My, such delicate slender hands! Almost feminine, but that wouldn't be very Texan of him, would it?

  6. Man, I wish I had some confidence that Delay would go to jail, or even get a slap on the wrist.  But this is still Texas, and he is still a Republican, and when was the last time that any prominant politician paid any kind of price (aside from not being elected) for any decision or criminal activity?

  7. It always amazes me how many scumbags there are in the Republican party yet they're always blathering on about everyone else but themselves. And yep, agree with Dave, I got stuck for years in Texas and there's no chance Delay will end up in jail. Too many right-wing nutjobs that won't allow it.

  8. I wonder if Delay was as abrasive in person to other Goppers as he was towards everyone else.  I wonder how many Republican enemies he made in Texass by being his charming self.

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