Abramoff to be released…already?

“Casino Jack” Abramoff will soon call a halfway house home, according to RawStory. Soon as in this week or next. From the RS writeup:

Three and a half years has passed since the incarceration of onetime Washington power-broker Jack Abramoff.

And as soon as this week, or next, Abramoff will be on his way out the doors of a federal prison and into a halfway house, where he will reside until he’s formally released.

Abramoff, 51, pled guilty to corrupting public officials and tax evasion in January 2006 and was sentenced to four years in jail. He bilked nearly $25 million from Indian tribes who sought influence with federal officials. Peter Stone, a veteran investigative journalist at National Journal, who has covered the scandal extensively, asserted in a little-noticed post late Friday that Abramoff was set to leave prison soon.

That scumbag will soon be a free man. Was Justice served? I don’t think so.  Watch the trailer for a new documentary on Jackie, courtesy of Crooks and Liars.


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  1. In california a three strikes pretty criminal got life for stealing a loaf of bread.  I guess there's a different standard for GOP criminals.

  2. Yeah, evidently there is a different measuring stick for those fucktards Tom.

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