Manute Bol dead at 47

Most people will remember Manute as the 7ft 7in NBA center from the country of Sudan.

I will remember him as someone that spent his life, after basketball, fighting the good fight for his countrymen and women. A quote from Charles Barkley sums it up for me:

“You know, a lot of people feel sorry for him, because he’s so tall and awkward,” Charles Barkley, a former 76ers teammate, once said. “But I’ll tell you this — if everyone in the world was a Manute Bol, it’s a world I’d want to live in.”

Sudan is still a nightmare that never ends, a horrible place to live and die, but Manute Bol fought for what was right until he became very sick and had to return to the United States. Manute died from complications from Stevens-Johnson syndrome, a rare skin disease that he contracted from a medication he received in Africa.

Rest in peace big man…I hope your native land will find peace as well some day.

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  1. Charles Barkley can sometimes be very eloquent in has thoughts and wishes.

  2. true dat Scared Stiff. Hey, do you have a blog m'dear? If so, I would like to visit ya. 😉

  3. I was unaware of the man before now, but his death is clearly a loss.

    Tim's Blog is in my blogroll. 🙂

  4. he was a good uncle to me. he cared for me

  5. Tom..what is the name of the blog? 😉

  6. I wonder if it was one of the crap pharmaceuticals that Big Pharma sells in Africa that got him.

  7. I have an egg roll
    a hard roll
    a roll in the hay
    and a toostie roll
    but I think you want my site…http://timsscaredstiff
    Caution have a drink first…

  8. I went I read and I  commented Tim. 😉

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