KO’s Special Comment: I agree!

I have spent most of this day reading and pondering Gen McChrystal’s thoughts about who he works with and for.

After watching Olbermann’s special comment tonight I must say I unequivocably agree with KO’s assessment. Keep McChrystal. If you did not see KO’s remarks…here it is.


Remember his team of rivals speech….if he means that…he will keep the General.

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I am a..brown Cali bitch that is quite the opinionated,political, pain-in-the-ass, in your face kinda girl that also loves baseball and music to a fault. Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.--Albert Einstein-*

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  1. Did you listen closely?
    He said the SURGE troops will be withdrawing in 2011. That would still leave 50-60-70K troops there.

    Olbermann is still assuming that Obama really meant what he said about the withdrawal. And that Obama is actually in charge.The [exit] plan keeps getting re-defined by Gates, MSM, and their listeners.
    What if there is no real exit plan.
    Conditions on the ground is their loop hole. Even Patreus keeps insinuating this.
    Mc Chrystal is a tool in the tool box. The tools are interchangeable, and replaceable. 
    The ones who use those tools set policy, and strategy.
    Kandahar will be the pivot point, not Mc Chrystal.

  2. Personally Obama should clean house of all Bush's old corrupt staffers. McChrystal worked for Bush from 2003 & was involved in the interrogation practices that the rest of the world considers to be torture & illegal. 
    He never should have been included in the Obama administration in the first place– take his resignation…. or better yet demote him to some hellish outpost in Afghanistan, with an emphasis on latrine duty. 

  3. McChrystal's a loose cannon all dressed up in a general's clothing. I think he needs to go. Obama IS weak, and he will appear even more so if he doesn't fire the fucker. I hear what Olbermann's saying, but I think this bastard has got to go.


    “You better be out there hitting four or five targets tonight,” McChrystal will tell a Navy Seal he sees in the hallway at headquarters. Then he’ll add, “I’m going to have to scold you in the morning for it, though.”

    So: Go kill people. Oh, poor little civilians. I'll scold you tomorrow morning and then we'll start all over. We just need to get the fuck out. Deal with the fallout as it happens.

  4. Reality..I believe Obama will use any excuse to stay in Afghanistan, so who is leading the charge will have little impact on when we finally leave there.

  5. I think leaving that jackass in place will hush the Rethugs up…so that is a plus in my book.

  6. The Rethugs want McChrystal to stay…so fucking leave him there…who is leading the charge has very little to do with how long Obama stays there. Obama doesn't want to leave Afghanistan and he will use any excuse to keep our troops there is my belief.

  7. General Malise must go.  He should have never been in that position in the first place.  Definatly not after the Pat Tillman debackle.

  8.    There are times when loyalty must be enforced.  To not do so weakens the hell out of leadership by sending the message to those who are truly loyal and are with you that their loyalty is meaningless and will not be returned.

       If I had my way, anyone conected with Bush at the lips as most ofthe generals, other than Shinseki for telling the truth, that it would take around 500 thousand Troops for the Iraq missin to be successful, would have been gone or busted on day one.

      As proof, just look at how many on the left are openly frustrated that president Obama is still following Bush policies.

  9. Truth…Well said. But I still feel that it doesn't matter who is 'in charge' over there…it's the administration that sets the agenda, not the generals. If keeping McChrystal kept the Rethugs from opening their pieholes…great! It gave the dems one less thing to deal with.

    In the long run….the generals don't matter right? The administration sets the agenda!!!  The military brass are puppets of the Obama administration. That has been made perfectly clear in the last few days.

    Give McChrystal kudo's for speaking his mind…I don't like him, he repulses me but the friggin Rethugs want him left in place…or did until he got shitcanned today.

    I don't know anymore….its sensory overload for moi.

  10. Now with Patreus being in charge. It will be next to impossible for Obama to deny him any thing that he wishes.
    This was in reality a gift for the checken-hawk war mongers from both sides of the aisle.
    Patreus is loved by the right, and tolerated by the left. Now all he has to do is ask, and his wish will be their command.
    It just got worst not better.
    Patrues is your typical Field Marshall. They love war. It is a place for them to leave their historical mark. He will not want to leave Afghanistan, unless he can further the endless wars with out borders into a new campaign. [Think] The Stans, Somalia, Yemen. Pakistan, iran.
    The world has become their sand box. They care not what litter they leave behind.

  11. Dusty:
    re: “ The military brass are puppets of the Obama administration.”
    My yin&yang [y&y] for the day.
    Are you sure it is not the other way around? 🙂

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