Sen Robert Byrd is dead.

The old fucker served WVA for over half a century. He tried hard to eliminate poverty in West VA, we must give him credit for that, even though he fought against the civil rights act of 1964 as well as the Voting Rights act that same year. He was in most respects a racist sumbitch. He was a former KKK member, which isn’t surprising considering where and how he grew up. He did not go to a traditional college, but he could be quite eloquent. Below are a few of his more memorable quotes:

“I lost no opportunity to promote funding for programs and projects of benefit to the people back home.”

“It is money, money, money! Not ideas, not principles, but money that reigns supreme in American politics. “

“We, unlike Nazi Germany or Mussolini’s Italy, have never stopped being a nation of laws, not of men. But witness how men with motives and a majority can manipulate law to cruel and unjust ends. “

He was 92 when he went to meet his maker last night.

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  1. THere is something wrong with a system that allows, and tolerates a 92 year old to be in any leadership position.
    He brought Billions to his state.
    i believe there are 4-5 others that were born before 1930 that still have seats.
    I have a lot of respect for the elderly, but when is enough enough? Their positions were not originally meant to be life time gigs. They were suppose to do their gig for a few years, then go back to their plantations, and tend to their slaves. Byrd was a racist, He over stayed his welcome in the Kleptocracy.

  2. He's not dead!!! No one drove a stake through his heart yet.. He'll be back at his seat next week. Until then, I'll say Good Evening…….. 😉

  3. Yes he was a racist RZ, I mentioned that in the first paragraph. There was very little to respect about him.

  4. omg…I never thought of that ScaredStiff! 😛

  5. Dusty, I don't know how to have my comments just say Tim, If you know let me in on it.. I'm just tim to you kido. 😉

  6. Sigh.  I have to disagree about Senator Byrd. 

    He did work hard to obtain money and projects for West Virginia – as he SHOULD have.

    He was publicly racist in his early years – so were lots of people.  He LEARNED and did better.  ? How about the others?

    He warned about and protested the Bush-Cheney power grab and was starkly clear in his protest of invading Iraq.

    He was not a whore.   Can you say that for the rest of them?

    I would not trade one Bobby Byrd for a whole damned bagfull of Blanche Lincoln, Max Baucus, Ben Nelson, Chris Dodd (and as of financial reform – Barney Frank) and probably several other names would come to mind if I paused for a moment.

    As for Mr. Byrd's age, it seemed to me he was a better man at 92 than a roomful of the skanky whores put in the U.S. Senate by their corporate pimps.

    He wasn't my senator – he was light years better than the wastes of time who roll around D.C. in my name.

  7. I was not comparing Byrd to anyone else in office…what's your point on that? His position on the Iraq and Afghan wars was honorable..I will give you that.

    I would not want a blue dog over Byrd either…but he was a whore when it came to bringing home the bacon for WVA..he would hold his vote hostage, many times, until he got something in return for his state. That makes him no better than any of the other fuckwads that favor earmarks.

  8. It's ok sweetie..I know it's you. 😉

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