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FCC appeals tv indecency ruling

Those Seven Dirty Words are back.. from Jurist:

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Thursday appealed [PDF] a decision by the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit that the agency’s television indecency rule  is unconstitutionally vague in violation of the First Amendment. The July appellate court decision further held that the FCC’s rule, which allowed broadcasters to be fined based on isolated expletives, chills protected speech, as broadcasters would err on the side of not airing controversial matter, rather than face the prospect of significant fines. The agency’s appeal for rehearing and an en banc rehearing argues that the Second Circuit’s decision conflicts with Supreme Court precedent, particularly the court’s decision in FCC v. Pacifica Foundation, the “Seven Dirty Words” decision. The FCC concluded its argument by asserting that, under the Second Circuit’s prior ruling, the agency would be unable to develop a clear indecency rule, and:

    The panel’s opinion may theoretically leave open the possibility that the FCC could return to something like its pre-1987 policy, which focused on Carlin’s seven dirty words. During the time when that policy prevailed, however, “not a single enforcement action was brought.” It is easy to understand why, in light of the freedom that policy gave to broadcasters to air indecent material so long as they “avoided certain words.”

Under Federal Rule of Appellate Procedure 40, there is no absolute right for the networks involved in the controversy to answer the FCC’s petition for rehearing, and the court may issue a decision without hearing re-argument.

The US Supreme Court originally remanded the case to the appeals court after ruling in April 2009 that the FCC did not act arbitrarily and capriciously in changing its policy regarding fines for the broadcast of isolated expletives. That ruling overturned a previous decision by the Second Circuit, which held that the 2004 policy was arbitrary and capricious under the Administrative Procedure Act for failing to articulate a reasoned basis for its change in policy. The Supreme Court declined to address the constitutionality of the FCC policy in its decision and remanded the case to the lower court for further consideration of the constitutional issue.

Morality has no place in civil law…none.

My summer vacation and other horror stories

Actually, my time in Oklahoma wasn’t a horror story until I found a tick on my tit. Being a city girl, I freaked the fuck out and ran screaming over to my son’s landlord, who lives next door, begging her to get it off of me. She took a pair of tweezers and jerked the little blood sucker off, then told me where they like to ‘hide’ on the human body, the warmest regions…use your imagination and I am sure you can figure out why I spent the next 36 hours refusing to get near my son’s dog or sit on his couch and kept getting naked and looking at various places on my body in a mirror.

I am slowly putting up photos on my DeviantArt account which, if you are bored to death and wish to peruse, you can see them there or as my Photo of the Day here on Nutjob.I did manage to spoil the shit out of his great little cocker spaniel named Charlie.

The weather was friggin horrendous, the temps in triple digits with the humidity and dewpoints off the fucking charts. Of course the day I left the temps went down into the 80’s and here at home they soared into the 105 degree range…evidently hell does follow me around the globe.

It’s so green in OK I was in awe. I didn’t take a lot of outdoor photos as the heat was insufferable damn it. Here in Cali, its nothing but brown or scorched and burnt, depending on where you live.

Strangers are friendly as all get-out, waving as you drive by or just being polite when you deal with them in stores or other common areas. Customer service is alive and well in the midwest, unlike Cali where all retail clerks act like they are doing you a favor helping you.

Since my son lives in the middle of no-friggin-where, on a dirt road with no name…needless to say I never ventured out alone as there was no way I would of found my way back to his house. Those dirt roads were awfully friggin narrow and my questions about how to pass an oncoming truck or farm vehicle were met with laughter. He also does not have more than six tv channels and internet was on his tiny-ass cell phone. I stayed up on baseball scores and that was the total sum of my internet usage whilst in the heartland.

My son did take me out and about however, so I got to see the beautiful countryside and meet his friends, all of whom were all very hospitable and quite talkative. My favorite photo that I took is my son holding a new-born calf that was rejected by her mom who gave birth to twins. He will help bottle-feed the calf until she is old enough to go back into the herd. The kid wants to go into ranching as a…cough…job, and although I believe he could do it..the chance to ‘move up’ is kinda slim don’t ya think? Plus, no benefits and feeding cattle three times a day in the snow during winter doesn’t sound too great either.

All in all, it was an interesting and informative trip. I still see all the lush green, and that tick, in my minds eye whilst sitting in the friggin heat here in the south end of the San Joaquin valley.

And I really miss my son..

From our dept of WTF?

Trashcan Annie and the WND dipshit, Joey Farah, are fighting it out publicly?
Both of these toiletbowl turds are as useful as tits on a bullfrog…so why so much press for them both on the topic of gays and party affiliation? From the TPM link:

This story is just begging for some sarcastic ‘strange bedfellows’ remark.

Last week World Net Daily made headlines after it announced it was dropping Ann Coulter at the keynote speaker at their “Taking Back America” conference following news that she would be headlining GOProud’s Homocon 2010. WND CEO Joseph Farah expressed ‘concern’ that by appearing she was supporting the idea that “that sodomy is just an alternate lifestyle.”

Ann Coulter responded in typical Coulter fashion by calling Farah variously as “swine” and a “publicity whore” and later called WND “fake Christians.”

Caught up? The latest development, according to the Daily Caller, is that Farah has taken to radio shows hosted by gay personalities to further skewer Coulter.

First, if folks in the LGBT community want to follow the republican way…it’s their right..but personally, my pov is this.. why in the fuck would you support a group that goes out of their way to bash you and create laws that make you an outcast in our society and deny you civil rights?

Second, that Trashcan Annie suddenly supports the LGBT agenda is suspect in and of itself. The cunt has done nothing but bash gays and lesbians, not to mention her second favorite negative-connotation word is fag and it’s various derivatives.

Finally, who the fuck gives a rat’s ass what Joe Farah thinks or says and why in the blue hell would any show, that supports the LGBT agenda, have this fuckwit on and give him a soapbox to bash gays and lesbians?

Sigh…I am so confused…

Happy trails to moi….

I am heading out to the midwest. Wish me luck as I have never spent time in our nation’s midsection. Will be visiting my son and dragging him, kicking and screaming, to see my mother whom he can’t stand.

See you folks in a week, as there is no intertubes in the middle of no-friggin-where Oklahoma where my son lives.

Be good to yourselves and each other.

Rand Paul has no clue about Harlan County

Perhaps it’s because I do know about the history of Harlan County that this fuckery pisses me off and has raised my blood pressure off the friggin charts tonight. I lived in western VA for a while and I remember old timers telling me about what went down in Harlan County, Kentucky, not once but twice. From Salon:

Next month’s Details magazine has a profile of exciting Republican Senate candidate Rand Paul, the Republican libertarian who no longer speaks to the national press, because they keep trying to make him defend his beliefs, and he is not very good at that, because he is, I think, kind of dumb.

TPM digs in and finds that Paul supports mountaintop-removal coal mining. He thinks, of course, that it should be left up to private landowners, but he also thinks that flattening mountains makes them prettier and creates some really nice land that can be used to make a “sports complex.”

But I found this bit much more illuminating. Driving through Harlan County, the site of a hundred years of bitter, bloody labor disputes, Paul reveals the breadth of his knowledge of Kentucky history:

Rand Paul and I are trying to remember why Harlan, Kentucky, might be famous. That’s where Paul is driving me, on a coiling back road through the low green mountains of the state’s southeastern corner, in his big black GMC Yukon festooned with RON PAUL 2008 and RAND PAUL 2010 stickers. Something about Harlan has lodged itself in my brain the way a shard of barbecue gets stuck in one’s teeth, and I’ve asked Paul for help. “I don’t know,” he says in an elusive accent that’s not quite southern and not quite not-southern. The town of Hazard is nearby, he notes: “It’s famous for, like, The Dukes of Hazzard.”That ignorant fuck couldn’t hold the miners hard hat for the hundreds of men that fought for years and years to get safety procedures implemented in the mines of Harlan County. 

Yes, I am a unionist…yes, I support unions(although it gets harder every year), OSHA and anything else that takes the safety of miners above profits for the owners. Evidently Rand’s dumb ass not only doesn’t have a fucking clue, he supports Big Coal. the eff’n hilt I might add as he loves the shit out of Mountain Top Removal.

Rand baby…in the 30’s Harlan County coal miners took it to the hilt to get safety regs and fair wages for their work in the shitty-ass mines in their neck of the woods…its referred to as Bloody Harlan, you fucking idiot, for a reason. Try checking out this site which gives us the numbers and names of all the miners who have given their lives to earn a shitty living. Remember these words from the Governor of the state during the trials for the miners of Harlan who had the nads to strike in the 30’s:

“there exists a virtual reign of terror (in Harlan County), financed in general by a group of coal mine operators in collusion with certain public officials: the victims of this reign of terror are the coal miners and their families… a monster-like reign of oppression whose tentacles reached into the very foundation of the social structure and even into the Church of god… the homes of union miners and organizers were dynamited and fired into… It appears that the principal cause of existing conditions is the desire of the mine owners to amass for themselves fortunes through the oppression of their laborers, which they do through the sheriff’s office.”

 Then, in the 70’s, the workers did it all over again you friggin asshole. Watch the movie, Harlan County USA, here for free, you corporate ass-kissing jackass, it will take 105 minutes of your worthless fucking life.

Or read the book, Hell in Harlan either in the Library of Congress or buy a copy online you fuckwad.

Christ-all-fucking-mighty…there is nothing I hate more than ignorance of our history as a nation of workers…nothing. And Rand Paul is as ignorant as they come. Buddha help those people if they elect that fucking moron..I swear on my grandmothers soul, they will live to regret it.

Am I pissed off tonight…oh hell yeah…because I know of what I speak…and I know Appalachia and most of that part of the world have given their lives and their souls for the dirtiest form of energy on the face of the fucking earth..and they gave their lives and their souls for pennies….fucking pennies.Generations have done it and continue to do it.

Below is a trailer for the movie on the 70’s strike which can be watched online for gratis at a link above.

May your dumb ass rot in hell for all eternity Rand Paul. At the lowest level Dante wrote about.