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The 527’s: A primer for the coming campaign season

From TNR comes this listing..both Democratic and Rethuglican on some of the big 527’s that will get their hands dirty this silly season. I disagree that many of the leftwing sites they list do smear campaigns, as they usually list facts along with their ads or commercials. From their list, the top Rethug sites:

Progress for America

American Future Fund

Freedom’s Watch

They also list MoveOn and several other liberal 527’s. But several of the progressive groups have said they will not engage in smear campaigns because of Obama’s request to refrain from such bullshittery. The Rethuglicans..not so much.

Also, Obama has started up a site to fight all the smears rearing their ugly heads the Michelle Obama “Whitey” tape that doesn’t exist and several other specious lies. Your can reach it by typing