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House applies US Law to Federal Contractors

Its about friggin time! What took them so long? From the NYT:

WASHINGTON, Oct. 4 — With the armed security force Blackwater USA and other private contractors in Iraq facing tighter scrutiny, the House of Representatives on Thursday overwhelmingly approved a bill that would bring all United States government contractors in the Iraq war zone under the jurisdiction of American criminal law. The measure would require the F.B.I. to investigate any allegations of wrongdoing. The bill was approved 389 to 30, despite strong opposition from the White House. It came as lawmakers and human rights groups are using a Sept. 16 shooting by Blackwater personnel in Baghdad to highlight the many contractors operating in Iraq who have apparently been unaccountable to American military or civilian laws and outside the reach of the Iraqi judicial system.

Since they operate under the same auspices as our soldiers they should be accountable as such. I never understood the logic that they were above the law. But then, there is very little that BushCo does that makes sense, unless of course your a crony or a large corporation. Hopefully his protecting the merc’s will soon be over and they can be held accountable just like our military is for their actions.

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