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Chairman of the Joint Chiefs: “Right now I’m fighting 2 wars, and I don’t need a third one…”

Crooks and Liars, those stellar bloggers of all things political and sometimes musical have a great post up about Admiral Mullens visit to Fox Noise today. From the transcript via C&L:

WALLACE: I want to ask you two questions about Iran. How do you weigh as a military man, as the top military man, the downside risk if either the U.S. or Israel were to militarily strike Iran in terms of blowback from Iran and its allies in the region, increased turmoil in that area, increased turmoil in the oil market?

MULLEN: I think it would be significant. I worry about it a lot. I’ve said when I’ve been asked this before right now I’m fighting two wars, and I don’t need a third one. […]

But I worry about the instability in that part of the world and, in fact, the possible unintended consequences of a strike like that and, in fact, having an impact throughout the region that would be difficult to both predict exactly what it would be and then the actions that we would have to take to contain it.

Everyone worries about the unintended consequences of an attack on Iran..except Bush and Cheney. Those fuckers don’t give a shit what it would cause to happen..aka the blowback upon the US.