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Over 800 arrested during the RNC in St Paul this week.

This total also includes numerous media personnel like Amy Goodman, Rick Rowley of Big Noise Films and Democracy Now! producer Sharif Abdel Kouddous who was also arrested earlier in the week while covering one of the numerous protests and rally’s.

Not all protesters arrested were violent or anarchists, don’t let the mutha fuckas in the St Paul law enforcement community fool you. From a St. Paul media outlet regarding the final night of the convention:

Among those arrested were two Associated Press reporters covering the event. They were issued a citation and detained, along with a KARE-11 TV photographer and more than a dozen other members of the media. All were released later in the evening.

Amy Goodman and her producer and assistant are still being ‘processed’ as protesters, even though they have press credentials. They have been released from jail.

Funny how that works for the progressive press ain’t it?

Will the Iraq War affect the Convention as much as the Vietnam War did in 1968?

My knee jerk reaction is nope. The 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago was a watershed moment in our history and it appears the various law enforcement groups have taken steps to insure nothing even close to the melee in Chicago will occur in Denver. The Denver Police have issued a bulletin, according to RawStory, that alerts all officers what to be on the look-out for. It is a real hoot, check it out. Meanwhile the ACLU has been busting their asses trying to get the courts to support our rights to free speech and assembly, but they haven’t made much headway.

Forty years ago Chicago itself was a battleground, a warzone as the police never issued the permits requested by the various anti-war groups. The police in Denver, the federal government and the DNC have already laid down the ground rules for protests and the courts have backed them up for the most part. The ACLU has tried on several occasions to get the rules changed to allow protestors to gain closer access to the Pepsi Center where most of the ‘festivities’ will be held..but to no avail. From the NYT article linked in this paragraph:

A federal judge in Denver ruled against the American Civil Liberties Union in a lawsuit challenging the government’s security rules for the Democratic National Convention here later this month. The judge, Marcia S. Krieger of Federal District Court, agreed with the group that the security plans — including a fenced perimeter and a parade route away from the Pepsi Center where the convention will take place — did affect the ability of protest groups to engage in “expressive activities.” But Judge Krieger disagreed that the affect rose to the level of an infringement of free speech because other means of expression were available and because the Secret Service and Denver Police had shown that the restrictions were “content neutral,” and thus not intended to quash a particular opinion.

Its a damn shame the feds, the Dems and the Denver police are afraid of allowing people the right to express their personal grievances with the election process in general and their elected representatives regarding the war in Iraq in particular. The Denver Police have issued a ‘flyer’ that you can check out here (pdf) which tells people what will be tolerated and what will not. Not to be outdone, the Secret Service has declared both conventions to be…cough..National Special Security Events..and given both cities $50 million in federal funds for ‘security’. Protesters will be in a huge pen in the Pepsi Center parking animals. For pictures of the area protesters will be confined here.

The group Recreate 68, their logo graces this post, has plenty of plans for events during the convention. These include music and protests, street theater and major anti-war figures will be speaking at rallies. The following is from their website:

The Re-create 68 Alliance also announced that anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan and Green Party Presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney and Green Party Vice Presidential candidate Rosa Clemente will be joining their historic line-up of speakers who include Ida Audeh, Kathleen Cleaver, Ward Churchill, Mark Cohen, Chairman Fred Hampton Jr., Larry Hales, Larry Holmes, Ron Kovic, Glenn Spagnuolo, Pamela Africa, King Downing, Jenny Esquiveo, Mumia Abu Jamal – Current Political Prisoner (Recorded from Death Row for the DNC), Gloria Estela La Riva, Ricardo Romero, Natsu Saito, Ann Erika White Bird, and others.

Of course if any of the protesters get a little..cough.. feisty, there is the Gitmo on the Platte facility. Video below is courtesy of Denver’s Channel Four.

What a grand example of American’s exercising their civil liberties, to be displayed to the world next week in Denver and to be repeated during the Republican convention in Minneapolis-Saint Paul, the first week in September.

Bullshit..its all bullshit designed to keep us from exercising our civil rights. Assholes..

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The MSM is pushing the Iraq War further off the front page every day..

Which of course pisses the ever-lovin hell outta moi. They replace it with soundbites about Hillary sniping at Obama and the reverse. This is a planned move I me crazy, but I do believe that. The anniversary is coming up for the start of the Iraq War and it’s their attempt to marginalize all the protests and demonstrations that will occur on that know the day right?

March 19th.

Anyway..I made this video below a while back. Crooks and Liars liked it so much they featured it in one of their Friday night video posts. Its Richard Thompson’s Dad’s Gonna Kill Me set to pictures. Dad is Baghdad of course. Its about what the war is doing to our know..killing and maiming them, turning them into card-carrying members of the PTSD club. It’s about how this administration supports the troops. It’s about three tours in hell and hoping your number doesn’t fucking come up in this most ungodly of lotteries.

We can not forget.. We can not allow this war to be shoved to the back pages or become invisible. So please watch it and then sign up to write about this war on March 19th via the Blogswarm set up by blogger bud LibHomo. I heart him and his effort to keep this war front and center in our hearts and minds. If your really an activist, you will get off your ass that day and attend a march or rally near you..there are plenty of them planned. This spot will also direct you to actions happening near you. I know many of us, for whatever reason, are armchair activists. There is no shame in that. But that said..if your a true believer that this war is the biggest travesty created by the idiots known as BushCo, you will take part in a march or rally. On to the musical interlude..

Sold-out and they didn’t even kiss us first.

Matt Taibbi is an angry young man. His articles always seem to be filled with rage.

Well hell, so do most of mine. Probably why I read his stuff. His most recent writeup for RS really rips the Congressional Critters we elected in 06 a new one. He also takes to task many of the anti-war activists..most of whom I know of and get daily or weekly emails from on ‘action’ items for progressives from. This little snippet from page two is a real gem:

Rather than use the vast power they had to end the war, Democrats devoted their energy to making sure that “anti-war activism” became synonymous with “electing Democrats.” Capitalizing on America’s desire to end the war, they hijacked the anti-war movement itself, filling the ranks of peace groups with loyal party hacks. Anti-war organizations essentially became a political tool for the Democrats — one operated from inside the Beltway and devoted primarily to targeting Republicans.

This supposedly grass-roots “anti-war coalition” met regularly on K Street, the very capital of top-down Beltway politics. At the forefront of the groups are Thomas Matzzie and Brad Woodhouse of Americans Against the Escalation in Iraq, the leader of the anti-war lobby. Along with other K Street crusaders, the two have received iconic treatment from The Washington Post and The New York Times, both of which depicted the anti-war warriors as young idealist-progressives in shirtsleeves, riding a mirthful spirit into political combat — changing the world is fun!

But what exactly are these young idealists campaigning for? At its most recent meeting, the group eerily echoed the Reid-Pelosi “squeezed for time” mantra: Retreat from any attempt to end the war and focus on electing Democrats. “There was a lot of agreement that we can draw distinctions between anti-war Democrats and pro-war Republicans,” a spokeswoman for Americans Against the Escalation in Iraq announced.

Just made my friggin Saturday to read that entire piece. If you don’t mind getting pissed off, its a great read.

38 Years ago today was Moratorium Day around the U.S.

It was called Moratorium Day and although the crowd at the largest march, held in DC, was low-balled at 250,000, it was more like half a million according to some estimates. The protest held a month earlier was larger but the message was still the same..people from all walks of life and all ages protested the war, the draft and Nixon. Individuals like Dr. Benjamin Spock came out against the war and spoke at many of the protests.

“What is the use of physicians like myself trying to help parents to bring up children healthy and happy, to have them killed in such numbers for a cause that is ignoble?”
-Dr. Benjamin Spock, pediatrician, author, antiwar activist

“The Establishment… has led us into the stupidest and cruelest war in all history. That war is a moral and political disaster — a terrible cancer eating away at the soul of our nation.”
-George McGovern

At that point in the Vietnam war, roughly 33,000 soldiers had been killed. A snip from an essay on the Vietnam Antiwar movement:

The antiwar movement reached its zenith under President Richard M. .Nixon. In October 1969, more than 2 million people participated in Vietnam Moratorium protests across the country. The following month, over 500,000 demonstrated in Washington and 150,000 in San Francisco. Militant protest, mainly youthful, continued to spread, leading many Americans to wonder whether the war was worth a split society. And other forms of antiwar activity persisted. The Nixon administration took a host of measures to blunt the movement, mainly mobilizing supporters, smearing the movement, tracking it, withdrawing U.S. troops from Vietnam, instituting a draft lottery, and eventually ending draft calls.

An interesting perspective on the Mobilization movement, dubbed the New Mobe can be found here. Its from the Harvard Crimson, a college newspaper that has continuously printed daily since 1873. Its about the day before, and how the students in charge attempted to plan the logistics for the expected 250,000 protesters. A snippet:

Today, stink bombs are no more a problem than housing, feeding, and marching 250,000 people this weekend. With a casualness that closely resembles disorganization. New Mobe volunteer workers are treating that as no problem at all.

Six Kent State students walk into the office explaining that they have food for 10,000 people coming in this afternoon and that they need a place to put it. A skinny blonde, who assumed control of the “logistics” office early Thursday, looks on the map, reads off the street address of a reception center, then picks up a ringing phone.

Ah, the good ol’ days..coalitions were fractured just as they are today, but everyone agreed that the war must end.

Six months later, 4 students were killed at Kent State by the National Guard.