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Historian Arthur Schlesinger has died.

He was 89 and suffered a heart attack, his son reported. He was a Pulitzer Prize winning author/historian. MSNBC has a fine piece up about him, a short blurb of it here:

Among the most famous historians of his time, Schlesinger was widely respected as learned and readable, with a panoramic vision of American culture and politics. He received a National Book Award for “Robert Kennedy and His Times” and both a National Book Award and a Pulitzer for “A Thousand Days,” his memoir/chronicle of President Kennedy’s administration. He also won a Pulitzer, in 1946, for “The Age of Jackson,” his landmark chronicle of Andrew Jackson’s administration.

Mr. Schlesinger was one of the good guys. He helped define that word which causes contempt and hatred among the rightwingers…LIBERALISM.

Rest in Peace kind sir.

Yesterday I did an indepth piece on what Al Gore has done since he left politics..Gore didn’t sit on his ass my dear reader. You would be amazed at what he has done. If your unfamiliar with his accomplishments, please check out my piece over at The Blue Republic here. Gore has created opportunities, companies and PAC’s. Unlike the average pol who leaves office and sits his laurels on a board or two, Al has been busy generating good works.

The back is trashed. The weather has been cold and rainy here..doesn’t help my personal situation, so forgive my brevity here, I have been sleeping alot..back doesn’t hurt as much when I am doped up and sleeping don’t ya know…