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Current 99r’s won’t be covered under Obama/GOP agreement.

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From Campaign for Amerika’s Future: Nothing for the 99ers (And Not Much For Anyone Else).

The deal is done – regarding tax cuts and unemployment benefits extensions — and while we all have a stake in it, most of us won’t get anything of long-term value out of it. Least of all the 99ers — the people who have received benefits for 99 weeks, or more.  I’ve read at least one bit of analysis that the 99ers are basically hung out to dry because there is no extension beyond 99 weeks.

Just to outline this framework: under the deal, the Bush tax cuts for all rate levels would be extended for two years. The estate tax, in a monstrous deal, will be lowered from 2009 levels, with a $5 million dollar exemption and a 35% rate, for two years as well. And, the deal adds what is now an annual patch to the alternative minimum class so it doesn’t hit people in the middle class. In exchange, extended unemployment benefits between 26 and 99 weeks will be continued for 13 months, to the end of December 2011 (costing around $65 billion). …

Given the rate of job creation, it looks like a significant number of Americans will be in the same boat as the 6 million current 99ers

So who exactly did Obama stand ‘up for’ with this ridiculous cave-in to the Corporate bootlickers known as the GOP? 

As I watched the presser, the one time Obama got really animated (read as pissed off) was when he went after the left.

Did Obama just commit political-suicide with this pact he made with the devil..aka..the GOP? Voters are known for having short memories, but if the unemployment rate is still above 9% come 2012, I see no way for Obama to make this go-away.

Bernie Sanders is standing firm in opposing this pact. Buddha Bless that man. I hope other Congress Critters have a set of balls like Bernie. Bernie is on Dylan Ratigans show now and says he will do whatever it takes to keep this agreement from going up for a vote. 

Oh, and fuck Mitch OConnell and his gloating. The GOP just became domestic terrorists to me.