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Huckabee’s floating cross Christmas ad

Hardball just ran all the candidates Christmas commercials today. With all the early-ass caucus’s and primaries this silly season, it’s ridiculous to watch these candidates say Happy Holidays and in the next breath vote for me.

The worst commercial was Hucks. He actually had a freaking cross roll into the picture at the end of his. Even Matthews couldn’t believe it. Everyone else just had the good ol’ Xmas tree in the background..or a roaring fireplace..but not Huckabee. Nope, he had to get that good time religion ‘product placement’ into the picture.

I need to see if I can d/l it and post it here..un-fucking-believable.

Update: FOUND IT..catch the ‘floating cross’ behind ol Mikey. Talk about product placement..this one takes the gold.well, it just goes right along with the push polling being done in his name, don’t ya know?

this an overlay soundtrack that isn’t part of the actual commercial.

Giuliani and Robertson..wotta pair!

Chris Cillizza has a good post up at his WaPo blog about this new twist in the Presidential race. Chris has a more centrist take on this than I do..which is putting it mildly 😛

I find it incredible that batshit crazy Pat Robertson is backing Giuliani. Why? Because Rudy is more left than Pat will ever be..and we know thats not saying much. Wonder what it cost ol’ Rudy to get Pat’s blessings…

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