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BCC making cuts in news room personnel.

Its a bitch when the news division is expected to turn a profit like the entertainment division of most networks and huge conglomerates. But, its a disgusting fact in todays profit-driven world ain’t it?

So, to that end, the BCC will make the majority of the cuts in the division which is supposed to enlighten and educate Brits and the world as a whole. Per the Independent:

The BBC will announce the axing of 2,600 jobs this morning – one in nine of the total staff – risking a wave of industrial action over what is the biggest round of job cuts in the organisation’s history.

Most of the cuts will come in BBC newsrooms, from which hundreds of journalists will be laid off, and in departments making documentaries.

The article does go on to say they plan on concentrating on the internet for those of us outside their telly signal, thats a good thing I suppose. bums me the fuck out. Reminds me of the bs the Rethugs pull regarding Public Broadcasting here. PBS hangs by a thread every year.

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