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Monday monday…

I have been out of the news loop since last Thursday. So this caught my eye this morning whilst trying to get my political bearings and watching The Big O pontificate about our healthcare system to the AMA.

No matter what you think of Joan Walsh, she has some brass ones even going on Bill-O’s whacked out program. Her version of the cough…interview can be read here. It’s entitled: Why I went on ‘The OReilly Factor’.

As for The Big O’s speechifying in front of the AMA..more later. 😉

Watch Bill-O lose his cool and shove an Obama staffer.

The ego of that man..its freaking amazing.

I am glad that candidates refuse to deal with Faux News. Kucinich, does attempt to take them on..and he has big brass ones to even attempt that. But I think shutting them out is the best way to handle the News Corp bullies and liars. The Secret Service made Billy leave..makes me smile don’t cha know? 😉