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A few words about Sirens Chronicles..

The group blog that I started in July 07 is getting a little bit of notice around the blogosphere this week. Sirens Chronicles has been blessed with the following:

Chet Scoville, who writes his own blog and also contributes to, among others, Shakespeares Sister has given Sirens the E for Excellence Award.

Sirens own contributor, Jolly Roger, has also bestowed some very kind words for our site too..Thank you JR 😉

Rotus has also given us a nice mention in his E for Excellence Awards too!

I will of course continue the tradition of bestowing the “E award” on 10 other bloggers over at Sirens this evening.

I have been trying to figure out lately if I want to keep Sirens up and running as its a helluva lot of work for moi and this winter has been extremely hard on me physically. But I think it’s a no-brainer at this point. I will keep the site going for the near future, as its a huge labor of love for me. I love our small but wonderful band of bloggers who contribute fine posts that educate and enlighten. Sirens gets over a thousand hits a day but very little action in the comments section. I guess I shouldn’t worry about the small stuff..and comments are small things in the big picture of life, aren’t they?

Recommended Reads…

First, a humble thank you Chuck at The Divided States of Bu$hmeriKa for honoring me with the following award, and damn him for making me blush as well:

I am now rightly obligated to pass this award on to ONLY TWO OTHER BLOGS and link to the blog that bestowed this award on me (which I have done above). This is very difficult because I read plenty of blogs that are deserving,when I am able. Since I have to narrow my choices down to only two, I’ll send this award on to the following two people that strongly believe in what they say:

Dave Away from Home

I heart Dave, he is spot on when he comments here and he does not mince words when it comes to corruption and the bullshit within our current administration. His insight makes me always think..and lord knows thats a good thing. It’s a wonderful blog and should be on everyone’s reading list.

My second choice is made because this woman speaks her mind, and she does it damn well. She’s not shy by any stretch of the imagination. I love her spunk, intelligence and witty humor and I enjoy reading her daily. She delivers her pov with a wonderful snark and your missing alot if you don’t read my dear ABB:

Angry Black Bitch

Please check them out. They are great and wonderful progressives that say things we all need to hear, and sometimes they walk to a different drummer and thats a damn good thing. We all need these types of folks in our blogging lives and I am proud to have read their wise words.

Now in the wise words of someone, I forget who…lets take the bastards in this administration down, ok?

Pissant Provocateur Award!

The Partisan Reflections on “Pissant Provocateurs Award”. Thanks to Tom Cat@Politics Plus for honoring us with this unusual but very deserving award. It seems to have originated from the Divided We Stand, United We Fall blog site. The award is inspired by this definition: Pissant – Little person blog with big attitude.

I do have just a TAD of TUDE my dear reader. 🙂

Therefore I have linked back to site that gave me the award and following the requirement to pass it on to five deserving “little people” blogs. Little people are, in reality, We Da People:

Angry Dakota Democrat


Dave Away from Home


Big Ass Belle

I heart all these bloggers!