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It was 2 years ago today…

I started my political blog here at Leftwing Nutjob. Before that I had posted a fluff and sports blog over at a blogspot that shall remains nameless….merely because I don’t have the time or inclination to do that one anymore..and..its not important any longer to me to rant about sports..but I still love sports don’t get me wrong..but I digress.

My first post here was on…lol..Karl Rove and how he will never be brought to Justice as long as King George is in office.

How fucking prophetic of moi! Not really. It was a very short rant..only a few sentences in fact and no links to whatever I was pissed about at the time.

The next one was a little more in-depth and had a link or two. Huey Newton was my subject and I know of which I speak. But still, I was timid and not ready to go balls out and rip up people like I do today.

A couple of posts later we have my rant against the NRA and a hairball move they put on Columbus I think it was..pulling out of a scheduled convention there because of a recent law passed by their city council. I really let the f-bombs fly and used the ‘s’ word in the title. I think I started finding my voice so to speak. But what I really loved about that post was the picture I put up. In tiny letters you might not be able to read..the chihuahua is telling the Great Dane-Fuck You:

Click for Larger!

What a difference time and history’s shittiest President makes…

So I changed up the look here, as I did last year at this time. But this year it’s bolder. I like the ripped edgy border of the main column. It says a lot about how things have evolved here at Leftwing Nutjob.

Lazy says I love to make him think about shit that pisses him off. He’s right of course. I hope to someday have less shit that pisses us all off and more humor, but it’s going to take a freaking load of work by everyone to get to that place.

Here is hoping next year it looks better from this side of the aisle..but I ain’t holding my breath dear reader.

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