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Malkin as usual, misses the point.

I love TPM muckraker. That site is actually my homepage because no other site gives me so much ammo to lob at the rightwing nutjobs. Today’s article over there regarding the shortbus-riding Malkin just warms the cockles of my little black heart. From the TPM writeup:

Conservative columnist Michelle Malkin was breathlessly celebrating in yesterday’s New York Post about how much money Republican Congressional candidate William Russell has been raising this year.

Never heard of him? You’re not alone. Russell is challenging Rep. John Murtha for his Pennsylvania House seat, which is considered among the safest Democratic seats in the country.

TPM muckraker has been investigating the..cough..Rethug fundraiser known as BMW Direct. Since MM doesn’t do her homework..she has no clue about BMW Direct and how they scam these relatively unknown Republican candidates. BMW Direct is nothing more than a sham that poses as a fundraiser for Republicans, which is fine with me because they only work for Republicans. Again from the TPM writeup:

He (meaning William Russell) reports having $269,953 in cash on hand. But he also reports debts totaling $242,521 — almost all for direct mail expenses to BMW Direct and its vendors.

So that leaves him only about $27,431 ahead — not much for a guy who’s raised a total of nearly $1 million this election cycle.

Meanwhile, Malkin suggests that Murtha is in trouble since he only “scraped together a measly $119,000.” But Murtha isn’t running a direct mail campaign with BMW Direct, so he actually has money left over to spend on things like renting a campaign office back in the 12th District.

God damn I love this type of irony..don’t you?

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