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Los Angeles Angels starting pitcher Nick Adenhart pitched a great game last night. The 22 year old pitched his ass off, recording six scoreless innings. This was going to be his year in the majors, as Nick was a rookie. His dad, a retired secret service agent, had flown out for the game because his son told him “something special is going to happen tonight.”

On his way home from the game, some asshole in a minivan blew through a red light and killed Nick and two other men, one of whom was also with the Angels organization in an unknown capacity.

The asshole then took off on foot, but was later captured by police. Police identified him as Andrew Thomas Gallo, 22, and said he had a suspended license because of a previous drunken driving conviction. His blood alcohol was off the charts. Ironically he is also 22 years of age. Gallo was to be booked on three counts of murder, three counts of vehicular manslaughter, felony hit-and-run and driving under the influence of alcohol.

I have no words of consolation, just anger. A young life was snuffed out because of what? Some fucktard in a hurry? Some piece of self-absorbed pond scum that now faces felony hit and run charges?

Before I heard about Nick..I was reading today’s Daily Feature over at Sirens Chronicles. Its authored by my bud and BFF Betmo. It’s a good writeup that made me think so early in the AM. She is spot-friggin-on about us..the universal us of course. It’s about greed, and people who don’t blink an eye when it comes to committing fraud, or lying, or just being self-absorbed bags of batshit. Morality is in the eye of the beholder and frankly..not enough people are morally obligated to do the ‘right thing’ any more. They put self ahead of everything else.

Like the fucktard that killed Nick Adenhart and two other human beings. Like the bankers and Wall Streeters that brought the world’s economy to it’s knees.

I get a CT scan this afternoon. Doc is trying to figure out wtf is going on inside my old, decrepit, pain-wracked body. But that all seems to mean so little right now. At least I can call my son and tell him how much I love and adore him.

Nick and two others can’t. Their lives so full of hope, opportunity and promise..cut short by self-centered ignorance.

And the Wall Streeters..those worthless bastards that actually think they are worth the millions they got in bonuses, in spite of the shit storm they created worldwide. Those mutha fuckas are still walking around thinking of how to scam the system, how they can take other people’s money and make themselves more money, regardless of the fact that they have to sell their souls to do it.

Jesus-Christ-in-a-speedo..its all so fucked up ain’t it?

Sorry to be a ‘downer’ today..really, I am. But I had to get these thoughts out of my head and onto the computer screen.

Yesterday, I called animal control and turned in my neighbor and his inability to give a damn about his dog. Boozer is a cute but large puppy. He has lots of energy and he is sweet as hell when I go over to the chainlink fence and give him a little love, and sometimes a hotdog or two. Boozer lives outside, without shelter from the rain, the elements and 30 degree nightly temperature dips. He gets in the house once in awhile..but basically he lives a yard full of dog full he can’t take a step without hitting some.

I heard them bitching about me last night. They were saying it’s none of my business how they treat their dog. I almost went outside to confront them..thats how I roll..I don’t shy away from giving folks a piece of my mind. But the ball n’ chain went nuts and told me not to make it any worse than I have already. WTF? He fears the neighbor will hurt our felines in retaliation.

Bullshit you bastards..we all need to make it our business when we see something wrong. Boozer depends on his worthless owner for everything..for food, love, shelter..the whole nine-fucking yards. Why do they have a dog if they dont’ spend any time with him? Why do they make him live in a shit-filled yard, trying desperately to find somewhere to stay out of the rain yesterday and all the other days we have gotten rainstorms and freezing weather.

It’s crap like all the above that forces me to prefer animals over people more times than not.