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Ok, so which of these morons is lying?

One of them is, no doubt about it. My money is on the fuckwit Governor.

You remember the recent story of the state of NJ losing out on a shitload of Federal education money because the assholes can’t fill out their paperwork correctly. Well, the newly elected Rethug Chris Christie has tried to blame everyone, including the Obama administration, for their own fuckup. From TPM:

Former New Jersey Education Commissioner Bret Schundler, who was fired today by Gov. Chris Christie (R) amid accusations that he’d lied to the governor about an error in the state’s application for federal Race to the Top money, is now saying that he did not mislead the governor at all.

The state lost out on $400 million in funds as a result of an error in its application, which provided budget numbers for the wrong years, causing New Jersey to lose enough points to miss out on the money. On Wednesday, Christie held a press conference in which he strongly blamed the Obama administration for the loss of federal funding, saying that Schundler had tried to fix an error in the state’s application during his presentation to federal education officials, but they would not let him.

Then on Thursday, the federal Education Department released a video of the presentation itself, showing the officials pointing out the error to Schundler, who was unable to correct it. As a result, Schundler was fired for seemingly misleading the administration about what had happened.

But now he says he did not mislead them at all.

The Associated Press reports:

In an interview at his Jersey City home Friday, Schundler responded that he gave Christie the right story.

“In fact, I was very direct with him that we didn’t get the panel the numbers,” he said.

He also shared printouts of e-mails which he says show that he accurately told the governor’s public relations office what happened during the meeting in question.

So one of these nitwits, or perhaps both, are lying through their pearly whites. $400 million is reason enough to get rid of both of these fucks in my humble yet vocal opinion. Good luck New Jersey, you folks are stuck w/Christie for at least four years.