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Are they really that uninformed or just acting the part?

When Congress starts up the 112th session later this week, we will have the displeasure of watching the newly elected teabaggers and their brethren open their pieholes and wax poetic about the meaning of the constitution, the debt ceiling, healthcare for all Americans, the separation of church and state, the environment and many other issues that the graduates from Nutter U seem to think are easily solved by just referring to the Constitution itself.

Oh, and Darryl Issa is vying for King of the Crazies with his rhetoric that Obama’s administration is “one of the most corrupt” in our history. His..cough.. list of Obama transgressions can be read here.  Where was this fucking asshole/douchenozzle during Bush43’s administration?

Issa will have subpoena power come January 5th. Lindsey Graham, who used to be somewhat sane and a moderate, joined the ranks of the wingnuts Sunday on Meet The Press with his pronouncement that the debt ceiling will not get raised on his watch without a major overhaul of government spending.

I get a headache just thinking about it all. One thing is certain however…

It will be anything but boring. Hold on folks,because it’s gonna be a bumpy ride and the wingtards will be driving.

GOP Pledge To America: It’s a joke right?

Also notable is the fact that this 21-page, full of horseshit and not much else, document was put together by a House staffer who, up till April 2010, served as a lobbyist for some of the nation’s most powerful oil, pharmaceutical, and insurance companies, per this writeup. From the CommonDreams article:

In a draft version of The Pledge that was being passed around to reporters before the official release, the document properties list “Wild, Brian” as the “Author.” A GOP source said that Wild — who is on House Minority Leader John Boehner’s payroll — did help author the governing platform that the party is unveiling on Thursday. Another aide said that as the executive director of the Republican leadership group American Speaking Out, Wild’s tasks were more on the administrative side of the operations.

Until early this year, Wild was a fairly active lobbyist on behalf of the firm the Nickles Group, the lobbying shop set up by the former Republican Senator from Oklahoma, Don Nickles. During his five years at the firm, Wild, among others, was paid $740,000 in lobbying contracts from AIG, the former insurance company at the heart of the financial collapse; $800,000 from energy giant Andarko Petroleum; more than $1.1 million from Comcast, more than $1.3 million from Exxon Mobil; and $625,000 from the pharmaceutical company Pfizer Inc.

Gee, ain’t that a friggin interesting factoid m’dear reader? And isn’t it ironic that he works for John Boehner, the fake-tan man who probably farts orange and is one of the Deans of Wingnut University aka Nutter U.

Another good read is here from CAP (Center for American Progress) on the Rethugs ‘pledge’. An excerpt for your entertainment, or if you possibly need a reason to toss back a few drinks:

“Pledge to America” Not as Fiscally Responsible as It Claims-Core Policies Would Increase the Federal Deficit and Debt

Republicans in Congress released “Pledge to America” today, a plan they characterize as laying out a “new governing agenda.” Integral to that plan is a new commitment to “fiscal responsibility.” Our analysis, however, shows that implementing the plan’s proposals would increase the federal budget deficit and accelerate growth in federal debt.

The “Pledge to America” budget would mean $11.1 trillion in deficits over the next 10 years. By 2020, the federal budget deficit would be 6.3 percent of gross domestic product, the federal debt would exceed 93 percent of GDP, and interest payments on the debt would be more than $1 trillion a year. The budget deficit would be about $200 billion larger in 2020 under the “Pledge to America” plan than it would be under President Barack Obama’s budget, and over the next 10 years deficits would be $1.5 trillion higher than under the president’s budget.

The substantial increase in deficits under the “Pledge to America” budget are due to the significant tax cuts that come from extending all expiring tax provisions and the implementation of several new tax cuts. Altogether, tax revenues under the “Pledge to America” plan would average 16.7 percent of GDP. During the last period the federal government ran balanced budgets revenues averaged 20 percent of GDP.

The CAP article lays out all the bogus bullshit the Rethugs are trying hard to pass off on the American voters. The GOP must really believe we are all as dumb as Sarah Palin.

And of course it contains a repeal of the health care reform act, known as the Affordable Care Act, Obama’s congress passed this year…without an ounce of Rethug support I might add.

So, check out the Cap piece for ammo when your rightwing nutter friends or relatives try to tell you just how fucking great this piece of shit really is.

Gates to cut contractors? Really?

I have called them the fourth branch of our federal government and that isn’t a fucking stretch if you think about it folks. Gates recent announcement of an annual ten percent cut in funding, aka jobs, for contractor’s sounds good, but something tells me it’s just more smoke and friggin mirrors. From TPM:

Defense Secretary Robert Gates, in announcing  new cost-saving measures for the Pentagon, said the DOD will dramatically cut funding for service support contractors, by 10 percent each year for the next three years.

He cited a “dramatic increase in the use of service support and advisory contractors” over the last 10 years — from 26 percent of workforce spending in 2000 to 39 percent last year. And that’s “not counting contractors supporting the war effort in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Gates also noted that the department last year said it’d cut the number of contractors by 33,000 by 2015.

“I’m not satisfied with the progress made to reduce our over-reliance on contractors,” he said.

The president’s deficit commission is reportedly wrestling over how to cut the fat from the DOD’s budget.

And as TPMmuckraker has reported, the number of contractors — both support and security — has spiked in Iraq and Afghanistan, leading the Congressional Research Service to ask, “Can contractors undermine U.S. efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan?” 

As TPM notes, the federal govt has been increasing the number of contractor’s contract’s for years in both Afghanistan an Iraq….so really….is it as big a deal as Gates is attempting to make it sound? When you add, then turn around and subtract…aren’t you back to square one? Also, I would bet my brown ass that the feds have added more than ten percent worth of contracts yearly since we invaded Iraq…

Its Smoot Hawley you disgusting ignorant woman.

Sweet-friggin-Jaysus-in-a-speedo..Michelle Bachmann is the dumbest representative in our Congress. I am sure this isn’t news, but the fact that the Rethugs continue to let her open her piehole on the floor of the House. A dandelion has a higher IQ than this bitch.

She can’t get the name right for starters. Then a quick check of Wiki would of provided her with the correct time frame when this act became law. I hate this disgusting female on the same level as rapists and murderer’s. It’s the Smoot-Hawley Act ya dumb bitch. Not Hoot-Smalley.

How do the people in her district that vote this slimey, stupid cunt into office time and time again live with themselves? It’s a rhetorical question as none of us can be really sure. ;p

For those that care..the sports post for this weekend is here. ;>p

Marcy Kaptur nails it on the House floor.

H/T to Open Left for this gem. Ms. Kaptur is a Dem, and all I got to say is this:


The Shrub will be addressing the Nation tonight..jesus, I can’t wait…I gotta go get a bottle of fine chardonnay for the ‘event’. 😉