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Cindy Sheehan sells Camp Casey to another war activist

Bree Walker, whom I have had the chance to meet and talk to when she was a dj in San Diego has purchased Camp Casey. She fully intends to leave the property open to activists and protesters.

You go girl!!!!!!!

From an article about the sale on the Houston Chron site:

CRAWFORD — President Bush’s newest part-time Texas neighbor is a glamorous California radio talk-show host who’s smart, sassy — and no fan of the nation’s top officeholder.

Anti-war activist Bree Walker became the new owner this week of Camp Casey, the five-acre patch of land near Bush’s ranch that has become a gathering place for peace activists the world over.

Walker, 54, who once worked as a news anchor in New York and San Diego, knows full well she overpaid for the roadside property she purchased from Cindy Sheehan, the even better-known California activist mom. But touring the muddy land for the first time Friday, Walker showed no sign of buyer’s remorse.

“It’s hallowed ground,” Walker said, referring to the tiny white crosses near the entrance that are a memorial to fallen U.S. service members and to Camp Casey’s role in building opposition to the war in Iraq.

So how did a woman who doesn’t like to travel end up forking over $87,000 for a patch of land bereft of a single building 1,150 miles from her San Diego-area home?

She heard Sheehan, who announced in May she was retiring from the movement, was putting it up for sale. Walker said she got “literally sick to my stomach” at the thought that it might fall into the hands of Bush supporters.

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