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Bushie lied under oath in Ohio vote supression case.

From RawStory:

Caroline Hunter, a Bush-appointed Federal Election Commissioner who remains in office, provided misleading statements under oath in an effort to conceal Republican National Committee involvement in vote suppression activities during the 2004 presidential election, a Raw Story investigation has found.

Legal experts say Hunter’s submission of misleading statements under oath is a serious ethical and professional breach which could warrant a bar review and potential disbarment. At the time, Hunter was serving as deputy counsel to the Republican National Committee.

This took place during a trial regarding the Ohio voter caging issue in 2004. Her affidavit, which can be read here (pdf), was given under oath.

The irony for me is that she is a lawyer. Sadly, there is a five year limit on perjury. But there isn’t a time limit on disbarring this worthless douchebag.