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Bill Kristol, the tool…and now a chickenhawk

The CarpetBagger Report has an irony-laced read today…all about everyone’s favorite neocon writer and yellow journalistic wingnut Bill “batshit-crazy” Kristol. I won’t link to Billy’s NYT piece as I can’t stand the fucker and do not wish to give him a google hit.

Seems Billy is taking Obama to task for A-Taking a job as a grassroots organizer and B-Not advising his followers to enlist in the military and go over to Iraq to kill brown people.

Kristol, my dear reader, never served in the military either. Like so many of the neocon weenies they would rather send other people to fight their wars.

Billy also bitches that Obama’s organizer job was not that low-paying. Please…even in 19-friggin-85 $14k wasn’t shit…and adjusted for inflation, as ThinkProgress points comes out to a rousing $23k today. Which is still a lousy paying job in this decade asshole.

Will CentCom Chief Adm Fallon be shown the door early?

Those wonderful folks over at Crooks and Liars have a great read up about CentCom Chief Adm. William Fallon. Fallon is one military mind that doesn’t mince words and most certainly doesn’t tow the Bushie line. How good is Admiral Fallon? Well, from the C&L writeup via a ThinkProgress article:

Defense Secretary Robert Gates has called CENTCOM commander Adm. William Fallon “one of the best strategic thinkers in uniform today.” Fallon opposed the “surge” in Iraq and has consistently battled the Bush administration to avoid a confrontation with Iran, calling officials’ war-mongering “not helpful.” Privately, he has vowed that an attack on Iran “will not happen on my watch.”

Seems Admiral Fallon might be relieved of his duty prematurely because he doesn’t tow the BushCo line. Esquire Magazine has an online writeup about Adm Fallon and the possibility of him being shit-canned before his term is up. The reason? Glad you asked…

Iran and the possibility of military action.

Jesus H. Christ..this administration is determined to fuck us all before their time in office ends. By “all” I mean the entire world, because going after Iran would disrupt the oil supply not to mention cause a whole lotta problems since the world opinion is that we pretty much suck when it comes to attacking and invading sovereign nations without one ounce of provocation.

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KO’s special comment on our Chicken Little-in-Chief

According to Romney, his kids are chickenhawks???

Well, thats what I gathered from this piece, oh and this piece. Also note Ol’ Mitt himself didn’t serve in the Vietnam war..which makes him a chickenhawk too. But, here is his response when asked directly if his sons would support the war on terror by enlisting:

“There are a variety of ways you can show your support for our soldiers. My sons are showing support by trying to get me elected as the President of the United States.”

Ain’t that something? Two generations of Chickenhawks in Romney’s family. Mitt went on to mention how his kids are serving by getting his slimy ass elected a second time in the same response:

“There are a variety of ways we can show support for our military and our nation. My son Josh bought a Winnebago and is driving across the State of Iowa to get me elected.”

Assholes. Rich Assholes that ‘support’ the war but won’t really support the know what I mean?

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Tom Delay speaks to College Republicans

Sweet Jesus in a speedo..the man tied abortion and illegals into one neat package..and these college-educated kids bought it! Also..why is it the young Repubes support the war but won’t enlist..well, it seems they have a plethora of excuses don’t ya know??

Max Blumenthal has a blog and a writeup on his trip to The College Republicans Convention at HuffPo. You rock Max! Seems our college Rethugs are cut in the Dick Cheney mold..aka chickenhawks!

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