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Roman Polanski is going to hell, but till then…

The child molester needs to do time in a Cali of the overcrowded ones of course.

Anyone that offers up an apology for Polanski needs a good kick in the nads..seriously, I haven’t seen too many women coming to his aid on this issue.

He drugged and got a 13 yo girl drunk. Then he proceeded to molest her every way imaginable. Sick sumbitch needs to pay the piper. NOW.

And I don’t care that he gave the victim a large sum of money, in a vain attempt to buy freedom. That has no bearing on anything as far as I am concerned.What he did was unforgivable. What he did was a felony in any city in the world.

People here in Bakersfield were convicted of child molestation and were found eventually to be innocent of all charges. Yet, they did long hard time for the crimes they did NOT commit because of a dirty DA Ed Jagels.

The irony isn’t lost on me. Polanski is and has always, as a director, been well-off financially. The Bakersfield folks were hard-working middle class families that were emotionally and financially bankrupted by the false accusations.

Once is all about money..and those with the money can buy their way out of most things. Polanski can not be allowed to do that. Nope..not this time.