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My niece is home from Afghanistan!

She landed in Fort Gordon GA last night at 2am. It was so damn good to hear her voice, I am so stoked! She won’t be coming home for Christmas, but Mark, my sisters husband will be flying there the day after Christmas to help her buy a car and figure out her finances.

The picture to the left is last Christmas Day in Afghanistan. I am just so relieved she is out of the warzone..god how I love that child 😉

She states she only has a year I am hoping that means she won’t get re-deployed to either warzone..its my biggest fear.

Its nice to have good news for a really made my heart sing today to hear her voice on the phone.

Bush has one less life to give for his bullshit wars. Praise Buddha on that!

Chrissy is on her way home from Afghanistan!!!!

My niece is finally out of Afghanistan! She is now in Kuwait, on her way home..several days late I might add. We expect her now on the 6th, I am just so friggin happy, I can’t tell you.
This will be the best two weeks of the year for me, seeing her. The hardest part will be sending her back to that fucking hellhole.