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Chuck Todd tells us about Obama’s health care plan..

Actually Chuckie gives us his opinion on wtf is going on with regard to healthcare and why. This is from Tweety’s show Hardball this afternoon, view it on my video page here.

Chuck Todd getting his own political show on MSNBC.

At least according to the folks at The New York Observer. It will be a similar format to Meet The Press, which Chuck was considered for, but lost out to David Gregory. David doesn’t impress me one iota. From the Observer:

According to multiple network sources, MSNBC is in the process of developing a weekend political show to be moderated by Chuck Todd, the network’s political director and chief White House correspondent.


The new show on MSNBC, to debut in late spring, would give Mr. Todd more experience as a political moderator and provide him with a good opportunity to develop his long-form interviewing skills. At the same time, it would give MSNBC an original political program to show off on a weekend schedule that is currently dominated by crime documentaries and taped content.

According to sources, the specifics of the show—live vs. taped, one-on-one interview vs. a panel of guests, half-hour vs. an hour, Saturday vs. Sunday—are still being worked out. Presumably the show will originate out of NBC’s Washington D.C. bureau, where Mr. Todd is stationed. Staffing has yet to be determined.

This is my political post for today..

Kurtz on Chuck Todd

I have become quite fond of Chuck Todd, in fact I find him and his brain incredibly sexy.

On a purely sexist level…His facial hair is great too.

Howie Kurtz waxes poetic today in a lengthy WaPo article about the man behind the numbers at MSNBC’s political news division. We don’t get his hunches, we get the numbers. His blog First Read is good too..putting out updates twice a day, and even occasionally on the weekends.

Full disclosure: He is married to the Dem that was Jim Webb’s communications director in his campaign in VA.

Now, if they would just dump Tweety’s ass and put Chuckie in his place, I would be much happier with their lineup.