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Anti-War group planning Civil Disobedience for Republican Convention..

Now your talking!!! They use the word militant, but say they will not take part in violent activities. From Common Dreams:

The activists added that there could be civil disobedience every day of the Sept. 1-4 convention, which will be held at the Xcel in St. Paul.

An antiwar march is already planned for Sept. 1, which organizers say could attract tens of thousands, and a poor people’s march is scheduled for Sept. 2, which could draw thousands more. Organizers of the Sept. 4 march predict a turnout of 2,000.

Leaders of the Anti-War Committee are key organizers of the Sept. 1 protest, which is sponsored by the Coalition to March on the RNC and Stop the War, and the committee is also a supporter of the Sept. 2 march, sponsored by the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign.

Speaking for the Anti-War Committee, Katrina Plotz and Misty Rowan said Wednesday that the St. Paul police issued their organization a permit, allowing them to march on the street earlier in the day but ending by 5 p.m. However, they said they planned to march around 5 p.m., using sidewalks if necessary, so they will be near the Xcel closer to the time when U.S. Sen. John McCain gives his speech accepting the GOP presidential nomination. The march will protest McCain’s support of the Iraq war, they said.

A little civil disobedience goes a long way these days as people have forgotten how well it was used during the Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam War. If I was in better physical shape, without the three blown discs, I would do it in a heartbeat. It makes me very sad that I can not take part in this endeavor.

We ALL need to be this committed to ending the war.

From Big Brass Blog we get something that happened this weekend in WA. Bless them all, bless them for being committed enough to use the same tactics we did during the Vietnam war. All the emotions came flooding back to me as I watched this video..all the pain, the mace, the batons beating me on my back, hosing it up made me so emotional I can’t even begin to tell you. My hands are still shaking as I write this. Bless you guys in Olympia WA..bless every man and woman that is so committed to ending this war. We need these types of civil disobedience actions in every city and every state. Clog up their friggin courtrooms.

Why don’t we do this now? Why doesn’t the Peace Movement go to this extreme for THIS war?

Is it because people don’t give a damn enough this time around? You tell me my dear tell me. I would risk what I have left of my health to take part in these types of actions again..will you?

EDIT: here is the video of the police pepperspraying the protesters who are NOT resisting arrest or doing anything other than standing there protesting..cocksuckers.

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Will Gore take part in civil disobedience?

From Alternet we get this article about Al Gore possibly considering a civil disobedience protest:

Rainforest Action Network issued the invitation to the former U.S. vice president, according to RAN executive director Michael Brune. The San Francisco-based group has a twenty year history of protesting against destructive logging practices and other causes of climate change; it specializes in targeting corporations as much as governments.


Gore’s office confirmed that the former vice president had received RAN’s invitation and was considering it, though no decision has been made. “He has not accepted any of their offers to date,” Kalee Kreider, a spokeswoman for Gore, said of the RAN offer. Kreider did not deny that this phrasing leaves open the possibility of Gore saying yes down the road.

I would have SO much more respect for Al Gore if he participates. I already support his cause of global warming..but other than that, he is a big fan of the corporatocracy, just like all the Rethugs, Hillary and most of the Democratic Candidates.

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