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The Three Co-Chairs of the DNC Delegate Credentials Board All Served Under Clinton

Remember last week when I brought up the disenfranchised delegates from FL and MI? Well, here is an interesting fact via Alternet, that is sure to have a chilling effect on whether those delegates, now all pledged to sHillary, get seated or not:

That leads us to the three co-chairs of the DNC Credentials Committee: Alexis Herman, James Roosevelt, Jr. and Aliseo Roques-Arroyo. All three of them served in the Clinton Administration. Okay, as far as we know they are all reputable, upstanding people, but if you were Hillary Clinton and these three people worked for you and your husband during the 8 presidential years Hillary includes on her “35 years of experience,” wouldn’t you feel like you might have some influence on the three co-chairs? After all, the decision of the DNC Credentials Committee will be political; this is not a judicial process.

I get a headache just thinking of what this means to the nomination process for the Democrats..the fix is in methinks..

The DCCC, DLC, and the Clintons

Just for starters let me say I am registered as “Decline to State” and have been for what seems like forever; I have, however, voted for Democrats 99 percent of the time. The other one percent, as an example, was when I filled in my cat’s name instead of voting for Kerry, and I haven’t voted for Dianne Feinstein’s tired ass in the last three congressional election cycles.

So with that out of the way, let me get to the point, which is this:

The Democratic party and specifically Hillary Clinton aren’t ‘our friends’. By ‘our’, I mean progressives or the old-fashioned word, liberals. The Democratic party is controlled largely by folks who look out for the interests of big business because, after all is said and done, Big Bidness has all the money. To keep getting reelected you have to keep those coffers filled, don’t ya know? Getting into bed with the Corporatocracy eases that pain quite a bit. Now, publicly funded elections might change all that… but that is for another time and rant.

Many of the grassroots candidates were such because the DCCC didn’t see fit to send any appreciable cash their way. That sure as hell says “We LOVE ya,” don’t it? Some Democrats who ran for office lost only because the DCCC didn’t help them out, using the tried-and-true excuse of “Gee, we are low on funds and have to squeeze every penny we got into the for sure races,” or flat out decided to support the more ‘moderate’ candidate. If Kos and other folks had not done a fair amount of fund raising, there were other candidates that wouldn’t have made it to Congress, too. Now, you might want some proof that what I just said is true, and I could land a boatload of links on you here and there, but the bottom line is, a real progressive knows I am not bullshitting them.

The DLC should be known as the Clintons’ Personal PAC as far as I can tell. It’s no surprise that Bill Clinton and his wife are big supporters of this bunch since the Clintons seem to reap the most from the cash register at the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC); after all, Bill used to be the head cheese there, you see. The DLC likes to label itself as ‘moderate’, and the truth be told, that very same DLC really hates the progressives. They think we want to control the agenda, which wouldn’t bode well for rich folks and Big Corporations.

They are right. We do want to wrestle the power away from them. Damn skippy mutha fuckas.

To continue here.

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